Rolling Stones – The Lost Sessions Vol. 2 (Empress Valley EVSD-380)

The Lost Sessions Vol. 2 (Empress Valley EVSD-380)

Gimme Shelter, You Got The Silver, Sister Morphine, Loving Cup, Brown Sugar, You Gotta Move, Dead Flowers, Sister Morphine, Brown Sugar, Brown Sugar, Brown Sugar, Brown Sugar, Bitch, Bitch, Brown Sugar, Bitch, Bitch, Angie, unknown, Winter

The Lost Sessions Vol. 2 is the second (obviously) Rolling Stones outtakes on Empress Valley.  Similar to the first volume the material here is not collated in any strict fashion but rather takes bits and pieces from various sessions.  The subtitle of this release is The Auction Reel since this is the tape that was auctioned at Sotheby’s several years ago.  The tracks here are all in excellent quality and present some interesting insights.  Here is a track-by-track description:

1.  “Gimme Shelter” comes from the autumn 1969 sessions in Elektra Studios in Los Angeles.  This surfaced on The Time Trip Vol. 1 CDR release and features Keith on vocals.   Sound of introduction is cut off.   Autumn 1969 in Elektra studios with Keith on vocals.  The sound quality is the same as the other but the introduction is cut here, where it is complete on the older release.

2.  “You Got The Silver” and 3.  “Sister Morphine” dates from spring 1968 in Olympic Studio in London.  Both of these tracks are also found on The Time Trip Vol. 1 in similar quality.

4.  “Loving Cup”, another track found on Time Trip Vol. 1, comes from spring 1968 in Olympic Studio and doesn’t sound all too different from the version found on The Lost Sessions Vol. 1

5.  This mix of “Brown Sugar” is missing the sax.  This dates from December 1969 Shoals Studios in Alabama and is found on Time Trip Vol. 1, as is track 6. “You Gotta Move”.

7.  “Dead Flowers” comes from Olympic Studios in June 1970.  This is the official mix with the slide guitar mixed differently.  This track was previously released on Time Trip Vol. 2

8.  “Sister Morphine” comes from Olympic Studio in 1968 and has been released previously on Time Trip Vol.2.   

9.  This mix of “Brown Sugar” surfaced on Black Box on Yellow Dog (YD 048).  The tape is stopped twice and rewound and the introduction is a bit longer on this release.

10.  “Brown Sugar” is similar to the first but with four tape rewinds and the right channel being very weak, but this take has never surfaced before and makes it debut thanks to Empress Valley. 

11.  This “Brown Sugar” is the official version with a different delay in the guitar in the introduction.

12.  “Brown Sugar” again the official version with the different mix of the guitar introduction and the piano lower.

13.  “Bitch” sounds the same as the final version. 

14.  This take of “Bitch” has a tape stop similar to the “Brown Sugar” above.  The first half surfaced on The Black Box on Yellow Dog, but Empress Valley has found the complete song and makes its debut here. 

1 5.  “Brown Sugar” has a different piano mix.

16.  “Bitch” has a tape stop at the start of the vocals. 

17.  “Bitch” with another tape stop.

18.  “Angie” was released on Time Trip Vol.1 and the channels are reversed.

19.  It isn’t known what this is, but five seconds of Jagger singing in reverse. 

20.  “Winter” was released on Time Trip Vol.2 and Shouting In A Bucket on Shaved Disc.  

One collector suggests that EV have fattened up the music, but otherwise is no big improvement over previous releases.  Whatever the case is it does sound great and there are several new tracks and this is a nice collection. 

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