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‘The big one is coming’ according to EV.

A nice start to September with the news that Led Zepp’s show from the 24th of March, 1975 is imminent as a soundboard recording.

Keep hold of your audience recordings and Millard tapes for the moment but if this ends up being the complete show, you’re no doubt in for a bit of a treat ..

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  1. Hmmm, interesting announcement from EV. Let’s hope they will give us the complete recording, these incomplete soundboard recordings are killing me.

    Also interesting is the soundboard fragment of the Minneapolis January 18, 1975 that has been making the rounds. It’s a hard tease with snippets of both Wanton Song and When The Levee Breaks as full versions of The Song Remains The Same, Rain Song and Kashmir. Quality is excellent

    Let’s pray these two shows are released in full

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