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The Empress Valley Led Zeppelin box arrives

The much discussed Led Zeppelin 31 CD long-boxed set on Empress Valley was released this weekend and photos of the set have since been released.





Despite it’s size and inevitable cost, the set is due to sell out imminently making it an instant collectors item and all previous releases of these shows will become redundant.

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  1. This is a real upgrade to the T2K title, the quality is much much better and overall production is also very impressive – feel free to PM if anyone’s lookingo for that set eventually at [email protected]

    • Well…first of all, its about the quality. When compared to T2K, I found almost no EQ or just a little bit of remastering but if even, the way of how it was done is great. The sound is for most part subtle, favouring soft mid frequencies and nice bass line in opposite to heavy tweaked T2K with its increased high end and clipping because of hard limitation on peak levels. Second, the way of how EV did source transmission is great also. It’s just like many of fan dedicated projects where people outside the board are making the best to provide most complete and best sounding versions of many shows. Again, T2K’s transitions are very raw and sometimes it’s completely unprofessionally edited, when one source suddenly drops into another and vice versa. Maybe I am too advanced in listening now but to my ears it’s very important to have a smooth and subtle transitions, even if any of sources may be excluded because of that – I do not care really if I am about to hear a properly edited audio. Third, the price. I still believe that $650 or $700 is much better and much more affordable price than super duper guitar case cover book for $1200 or so and when add all issues that plagued T2K, EV is a winner and there’s no doubt on it.

  2. It is nice I’ll give you that….great for collectors that missed out on the Evoluzione releases by EV years ago!

  3. I hope empress valley or Tarantura comes out with a box set for 1973 European tour for the month of March, that would be a killer set! I hope you folks in Japan read this!

  4. I concur, would like to know how this one compares to the most recent tarantura 21 cd set, as well as previous editions of earls court releases? Has anyone released an overview/critique of the t2000 set? Thanks.

  5. That is one sweet looking box set. Its so great to see something as aesthetic as this particularly in our age of ephemeral downloading being lauded as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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