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Genesis – Entangled 76 (Siréne-037)


Entangled 76 (Siréne-037)

Century Theater, Buffalo, NY – March 28th, 1976

Disc 1: Dance On A Volcano, mc, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Fly On A Windshield, The Carpet Crawlers, mc, The Cinema Show, mc, Robbery Assault & Battery

Disc 2: mc, White Mountain, mc, Firth Of Fifth, mc, Entangled, Squonk, I Know What I Like, Los Endos

The evening after the Kitchener, Ontario show, Genesis moves onto the Century Theater in Buffalo, New York. Buffalo was, and still is, a strong Genesis town (I’ve actually heard songs from The Lamb on radio here). Maybe playing in a smaller venue in front of a more demonstrative crowed boosted their confidence because the band deliver a tighter and more effective show than the previous evening. The tape, again a backstage mike, is a notch more clearly capturing every word and nuance in the performance.

Entangled 1976 really does a good job in capturing the mysterious aura of Genesis on the Trick of A Tail tour. “White Mountain” sounds absolutely majestic in this recording and the drums in “Squonk” sound Bonhamesque with the cymbals sounding like Chinese gongs. Hackett introduces “Entangled” by confessing that his little spiel makes him more nervous than playing. Again “Supper’s Ready” is cut from this recording as is the encore. As it is, this is another superlative release from Sirene which really should be silver pressed discs instead of CDR. 

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