Genesis – Genesis-DVD Archive Vol. 3: Live In England 1976 (GEN76)



Setlist: Live in Apollo Theater, Glasgow, Scotland – July 9th, 1976 & New Bingley Hall, Stafford, UK – July 10th, 1976: Intro., I Know What I Like, Fly On A Windshield, The Carpet Crawlers, The Cinema Show (part 2), Entangled, Supper’s Ready (Apocalypse In 9/8), Los EndosReview:A Trick Of The Tail (video 1976), Ripples (video 1976)The third volume of the Genesis DVD archives presents their obscure in-concert movie. This film was produced to capitalize upon the success of their first post-Gabriel LP Trick Of The Tail and was filmed over two nights, July 9th at the Apollo Theater in Glasgow and July 10th at New Bingley Hall in Stafford. These are the final two nights of their long tour (there is speculation about July 11th but is inconclusive). The film was directed by Tony Maylam and premiered on January 31st, 1977 in London. Maylam is known mostly for his sport documentaries. Genesis-In Concert, when it was shown at all, was often billed with another Maylam film White Rock, a documentary about the 1976 Olympics narrated by actor James Coburn and music by Rick Wakeman. The film has never been commercially released except for a semi-legal release in Japan on laserdisc. This comes from that release and preserves the original theatrical 2 .34:1 wide screen aspect ratio and the film is in pristine condition.The movie opens with the Showco road crew assembling the stage as the band playing “I Know What I Like” is heard. Eventually the band members are filmed coming out of the dressing room and going to the stage and the first action on screen is Phil’s tambourine solo and all wearing very funny hats. Overall the film contains some wonderful live material. Unfortunately the film was marred by some odd visual effects used by the film’s director, who decided to show silent movie footage over some of the instrumental sections, rather than showing the band letting rip on their first tour without Pete, and their only tour with Bill Bruford. The drum duet in “The Cinema Show” shows people running around, “Entangled” shows a very beautiful woman dancing on the beach at night and “Supper’s Ready” shows stock footage of nuclear bombs. For what it does contain this is priceless footage in this amazingly clear quality.In 2003 some fans contacted the director to ask about this film. It was learned that he still has complete films for both shows but isn’t interested in working on this footage again (the film is “of its time” he said). Genesis’ management has been contacted about obtaining this film so there is hope for future official (or unofficial) complete shows. This DVD also contains as a bonus two of the three Trick Of The Tail promotion videos, “A Trick Of The Tail” and “Ripples”. Both of these, along with the third “Robbery Assault & Battery” are also found on the officially released The Video Show in superior quality so their presence here is superfluous. This film was finally released officially in May 2007 as the DVD accompanying Trick Of A Tail in the Genesis 1976-1982 box set. This release now counts as a pirate and should be avoided.

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