Genesis – The Brazilian ’77 (Siréne-016)


The Brazilian ’77 (Siréne-016) 

Ibirapuera Stadium, São Paulo, Brazil – May 21st, 1977 (late show)
Disc 1: Squonk, One For The Vine, Robbery Assault & Battery, Inside And Out, Firth Of Fifth, The Carpet Crawlers, In That Quiet Earth, Afterglow, I Know What I Like, Eleventh Earl of Mar
Disc 2: Phil talking Portuguese, Supper’s Ready, Dance On A Volcano/Drum Duet/Los Endos, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/The Musical Box (closing section)

The Brazilian ’77 is another soundboard recording surfacing from Genesis’ archive. The band were planning on releasing their second live album Seconds Out after this tour and every show was professionally recorded and mixed. Many fans remarked “this is what Seconds Out *should* have been! Fantastic quality & atmosphere!” The official release, as good as it is, could have been much better had the balance of instruments in the mix been handled well. It’s well known in Genesis folklore that guitarist Steve Hackett left the band during its production exactly for this reason. What distinguishes recordings like this and the Zürich tape is the impeccable balance captured on tape. Very rarely are Hackett’s and Rutherford’s contributions so clearly heard as here. These tapes even exceed the well-known boot from Earl’s Court from the BBC broadcast since this too has significant balance issues.

Another advantage of this release is that the late show in São Paulo (and the early show for that matter) have no previous tape sources. Except for the poor radio broadcast from Rio de Janeiro on May 15th, this tour is shrouded in total mystery. Genesis played half of their tour in this city spread over two venues and three days yet nothing has surfaced until now. The only minor flaws on the tape are the faint static in the left channel on some numbers and the muddy sound of the mellotron. This is the first release on a commercial boot but this tape has circulated widely on fan based remastering projects including being seeded as BURP 018 (BURP 018), which was copied on AV05, San Paoro (YACD-026/027) and TM Productions (GEN770521TM) which is the worst sounding of the bunch. Sirene are careful to hide their sources but they usually find the best sounding tape and work it to make it more dynamic sounding as is the case with this.

The show gets off to a difficult start with a missed cue at the very beginning of “Squonk”, but they recover and deliver an excellent show. Collins addresses the audience in Portuguese and sounds uncomfortable do it but there is a lot of warmth coming through. “Inside And Out” from the Spot The Pigeon EP, which replaced “You’re Own Special Way”, is very intense in this performance. Why the latter track wasn’t performed is a mystery since Rutherford liked to boast early in the tour about how it was racing up the charts in some South American country. Steve Hackett introduces “Firth of Fifth” also in Portuguese and delivers another outstanding version of the piece. Collins tries to tell the Romeo and Juliet story before “Supper’s Ready” in Portuguese but wisely gives up and simply introduces the song, after begging the audience “una momento” for tuning. In general the so-called “progressive Phil” period is one of their most interesting and this is an essential release limited to three hundred numbered copies.

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