Genesis – Tour Rehearsal ’78 (Highland HL037/38#G5)

Tour Rehearsal ’78 (Highland HL037/38#G5)

Las Colinas (Showco rehearsals), Dallas TX – March 26th, 1978

Disc 1 (45:17):  Eleventh Earl Of Mar, In The Cage, Burning Rope, Ripples, Deep In The Motherlode #1, Deep In The Motherlode #2

Disc 2 (47:32):  The Fountain Of Salmacis, Down And Out, One For The Vine, Squonk, Follow You Follow Me #1, Follow You Follow Me #2, Supper’s Ready

Genesis followed their 1978 album And Then There Were Three… with a ninety-eight date tour across the world including their first gigs in Japan.  The “Mirror Tour,” so called because of the large mirrors above the stage to reflect the lights and lasers, saw them hiring Darryl Stuermer on guitar to replace Steve Hackett.  Before the opening date on March 28th in Binghamton, New York, they convened at the Showco rehearsal facility in Dallas to work on their setlist and stage show.  Tour Rehearsal ’78is an early release on the Highland label of this very good but hissy sounding mixing board tape.  The eighty minute document reveals the band breaking in their new set list and coordinating it with the Showco road crew. 

They rehearse songs in roughly the order they appear in the set beginning with “Eleventh Earl Of Mar,” which opened each show, followed by “In The Cage.”  A bit of dialogue follows with Mike Rutherford instructing the light operator saying “But when you went to the colored spots Jim started that movement which doesn’t start till the end of the chorus.”  The stage hand is heard way off mic and is barely audible but he seems to be confused so Phil Collins chirps in saying:  “Revolves.  When I sing revolves, ‘my body revolves.’  That’s when it starts getting weird…how about I come down there and kick your ass, boy?”  he jokes.  

Collins has further instructions before “Burning Rope” saying:  “The warming sun…the warming sun…The chorus needs thickening on my voice maybe you can try the ADT.  It would be nice to get it doubled because we’re missing a harmony.”  The engineer can be heard saying there is a harmonizer. 

The rehearsal proceeds with the new song “Deep In The Motherlode” played two times as they prepare it for the live setting.  “The Fountain Of Salmacis” was reintroduced on this tour for the first time in six years.  It is given a careful reading with emphasis upon the tricky time changes.  “Down And Out,” the opening song from the new album, is rehearsed and was included for the early US tour but was unfortunatly dropped because of Collins’ voice  It is a shame because it is a powerful and compelling live piece.  They rehearse the hit “Follow You Follow Me” twice with the second one having a reggae beat.  The tape ends with their rehearsal of the “Apocalypse in 9/8” section of “Supper’s Ready.”  Highland unfortunately cut out the final Tony Banks bum note.  Overall this is a good early release but has since been improved by fan based remastering project and another shot at a silver release would be welcomed. 

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