Coldplay – The Night Over London (Godfather Records GR290)

The Night Over London (Godfather Records GR290)

Tracks 1-17 – Brixton Academy, London, UK June 16th, 2008
Tracks 18-19 – Friday Night w/ Jonathan Ross June 13th, 200801. Intro, 02. Life In Technicolor, 3. Violet Hill, 4. Clocks, 5. In My Place, 6. Viva La Vida, 7. Chinese Sleep Chant, 8. God Put A Smile Upon My Face, 9. 42, 10. Square One, 11. Trouble, 12. Lost!, 13. Strawberry Swing, 14. Yellow, 15. If I Should Fall From Grace With God, 16. Fix You, 17. Lovers In Japan

Bonus Tracks: 18. Violet Hill, 19. Viva La Vida

Here’s your ticket into the exclusive club simply known as the “Coldplay Fan Club.”  Trust me, I was not a member until I listened to this release and was reminded  of how many hits they actually have.  Liking Coldplay is like having a Moped.  You never want your friends to see you riding the Moped and you never want your friends to know you listen to Coldplay.  Honestly that’s all out the window now.  

I can ride my Moped while listening to Coldplay in my Walkman.  In all seriousness this is a great release.  The majority is taken from an FM broadcast on BBC Radio of a private Fan Club Only performance at the Brixton Academy. All of your favorite Coldplay tunes are here for your listening enjoyment.  The mix for this performance is stunning and all of the instruments are well represented in the overall mix.  You can hear the energy in the room.  This was definitely one hell of a Coldplay show.  The last two tracks are taken from the June 13th performance on Friday Night w/ Jonathan Ross.  The quality of these tracks are just as good if not slightly better than the Brixton Academy tracks.  They’re the perfect addition to round out this release.

This release comes in the standard Godfather Tri-Fold packaging with tons of beautiful pictures in both Color and Black & White.  The front cover looks to be a still from the music video for Viva La Vida which that motif is presnt throughout the rest of the artwork.  Whether you’re a fan of Coldplay or not is neither here nor there.  This release has at least opened my eyes to how many hits they actually have.

Viva La Coldplay for having catchy tunes and earning their success.  Viva La Godfather for taking the time to put out something different. 

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  1. I picked this up out of curiosity and didn’t realize how many of these songs I had heard and enjoyed when I need a break from Classic Rock. The packaging is the usual Godfather standard and the sound quality is superb and could be passed off as a official release if I didn’t know better.

  2. Welcome to the Club! Just got this and am very impressed with sound, packaging, and of course the performance! This really captures the band at a creative high musically before the start of their current tour. Now where can I find a good used Moped?


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