Eddie Vedder – Acoustically Wild (Godfather Records GR 272/273)

Acoustically Wild (Godfatherecords G.R. 272/273)

University of California Berkeley, Zellerbach Auditorium, Berkeley, CA – April 7, 2008

CD 1 1) Walking The Cow (Daniel Johnston) 2) Around The Bend 3) I Am Mine 4) dead Man Walking 5) Speech 6) I’m Open 7) Speech 8) Man Of The Hour 9) Setting Forth 10) Speech 11) Guaranteed 12) No Ceiling 13) Far Behind 14) Rise 15) Millworker (James Taylor) 16) Goodbye 17) Satellite 18) Speech 19) Drifting

CD 2 1) You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (Lennon, McCartney) 2) Speech 3) Here’s To The State Of Mississippi (Phil Ochs) 4) Trouble (Cat Stevens) 5) If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out (Cat Stevens) 6/) Speech 7) Parting Ways 8) Forever Young (Bob Dylan) 9) Porch 10) Speech 11) Society with Jerry Hannan (Jerry Hannan) 12) Growin’ Up (Bruce Springsteen) 13) Lukin 14) Speech 15) No More 16) Arc 17) Hard Sun with Liam Finn, EJ and Jerry Hannan (Gordon Peterson)

One articulate blogger lucky enough to score a Row C seat in Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall with a seating capacity of 2089 wrote:

“Eddie Vedder took the stage Monday night in Berkeley with a rare Daniel Johnston cover that I’ve heard only a handful of times since 1994. Sitting on a gorgeous set with actual decoration and design (old suitcases, projection machine, gold lame’ wings, a backdrop facade with abstract buildings of wood, later lifted to reveal blue skies) Vedder strolled out, hung his coat up on a hook like he was entering his living room, and sat down with us for over two hours.”

Vedder’s set list included tracks from his recent solo “Into The Wild” soundtrack, some unreleased songs and choice covers as well as a sprinkling of Pearl Jam material. Vedder’s voice sounds rich to complement the warm acoustics of the venue.  He successfully incorporates interesting storytelling between songs. The recording quality of this Godfatherecords release is outstanding and we are treated to their usual customary tri-fold packaging which only enhances the listening experience.

Vedder, in humble fashion, opens up to the appreciative audience:  “I’m so excited to be on a…I never went to school. I’m not used to being on campus so I…I’m…I had some…maybe some questions for you cause I’m not used to…it’s so different being around people that are smarter than me” leading into the haunting “Dead Man Walking” Sean Penn film soundtrack.

Eddie Vedder + Pearl Jam fans will relish the opportunity to hear their front man single-handedly carry himself here in crystal clear voice in this intimate setting with enthusiastic crowd exchanges and witty sound bites throughout. Another worthy addition to the Godfatherecords catalogue of releases!

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  1. Very interesting show with lots of covers and excellent sound quality.


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