Madonna – Addicted To Your Love (Godfather Records GR769/770)

Addicted To Your Love (Godfather Records GR769/770) 

Olympic Stadium Rome, Italy – June 12th, 2012

Disc 1 (55:42):  – Transgression, Girl Gone Wild (excerpts from Material Girl and Give It 2 Me), Revolver, Gang Bang, Papa Don’t Preach, Hung Up, I Don’t Give A, – Prophecy, Best Friend (video excerpts from “Heartbeat”), Express Yourself (excerpts from “Born This Way”), Give Me All Your Luvin’, Turn Up the Radio, Open Your Heart (excerpts from “Sagarra Joy”), Masterpiece

Disc 2 (49:20):  – Masculine / Feminine, Justify My Love, Vogue,  Candy Shop (excerpts from “Erotica”), Human Nature, Like a Virgin, – Redemption, Nobody Knows Me (video), I’m Addicted, I’m a Sinner (excerpts from “Cyber Raga”), Like a Prayer, Celebration

Godfather do an excellent job in keeping track of Madonna’s treks around Europe.  Addicted To Your Love documents the June 12th, 2012 show in the Olympic Stadium in Rome, Italy.  She stops in Italy on every tour where she is always welcomed given her ethnic background.  

And also, whenever she appears in Italy, she draws some kind of controversy whether it’s criticizing the Pope or Italian politicians.  On the MDNA tour, in competing with Lady Gaga, she pushed the envelope even further and treated Rome to a glimpse of her well-toned moon.  

Addicted To Your Love utilizes an excellent audience recording of the entire show.  Like other Godfather Madonna titles, it captures the massiveness of the show extremely well, presenting an extremely exciting document of a great sounding and well rehearsed show.  

JAM Magazine published a comprehensive review of the entire show.  The article points out that, “The best thing that ever happened to Madonna was the emergence of Lady Gaga as the “it girl” of pop music the past couple of years. With her status as a role model, trailblazer and fashion icon severely threatened, it was time for the Material Girl to reinvent herself. First point of attack was a new album. The next battle was the concert stage. Tonight, 50,000 people in Rome’s Olympic Stadium were the beneficiaries of Madonna’s drive and determination to show the world what reinvention is really all about.

“Compromise is the one thing Madonna is not about. In fact, when it comes to cultural sensitivities, she pretty much is oblivious to customs and traditions unless it suits her own needs. Lady Gaga will cancel a sold-out show in Indonesia because a few Islamist hard-liners threatened violence, claiming her provocative clothing and dance moves would corrupt the youth. Madonna on the other hand, will traipse into an Arab country, say the United Arab Emirates. 

By the time the MDNA tour had reached Rome, Italians were ready for just about anything Madonna was prepared to throw at them. As the lights went low and the crowd worked itself up into a fever pitch, several monks made their way on stage. Before the crowd had a chance to catch its breath, the monks threw off their robes. 

“Where Romans are concerned, shock is the one emotion the citizens have grown quite accustomed to. So, when you have an artist who’s been pushing the boundaries of self-expression, like Madonna has done for over 25 years, there were three elements to her show the audience was more or less expecting – seduction, controversy and extravagance. On all three fronts, Madonna delivered. 

Madonna, as she so aptly proved once again, is one of those rare musical icons who transcends generations. A few years ago, she infamously ‘kissed off’ pop princesses Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, at the MTV Video Music Awards, to put the aspiring pretenders to her throne in their proper place. With thousands of people going ‘gaga’ over her show in Rome, Madonna once again laid to rest any doubts that another contender for her crown has a very long way to go before claiming the Pop Queen mantle.

“You have been forewarned America about Madonna, and the massive stage production she’s bringing to your shores. Be prepared to watch her scintillate, titillate, facilitate and especially fascinate your five senses throughout a two-hour show you won’t soon forget, wardrobe malfunctions not withstanding.”

Addicted To Your Love comes packaged in a trifold gatefold sleeve with many photographs of the concert including the infamous butt shot.  Godfather also include a miniature poster and four page picture book with even more photographs.  This is another excellent Madonna release worth having.  

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