Mark Knopfler – True Love Will Never Fade (Godfather Records GR461)

True Love Will Never Fade (Godfather Records GR461)

Kleiner Sendessaal, Köln, Germany – September 29th, 2009

(70:52):  Wye Aye Man, What It is, Sailing To Philadelphia, True Love Will Never Fade, Get Lucky, Why Worry, Monteleone, Song For Sonny Liston, If This Is Goodbye, Marbletown, Going Home

True Love Will Never Fadepresents the complete WDR 2 Music Club radio broadcast of Mark Knopfler’s September 29th show.  Taped right of off the air, the sound quality is excellent as to be expected.  It was recorded in front of 200 lucky fans in a small broadcasting studio.

That such a radio program for Knopfler would occur in Germany in no surprise.  No country has embraced him as a solo artists as much and none of his solo albums have charted any lower than fourth.  An intimate performance such as this is perfect for the expression of Knopfler’s guitar style where one can hear the subtle nuances. 

The set begins, rather appropriately, with an epic “Wye Aye Man” with is references to Germany including:  “There’s plenty deutschmarks here to earn / And German tarts are wunderschön / German beer is chemical-free / Germany’s alreet with me.”

What follows is more than a mellow exposition of his solo catalogue.  He tells the audience that “This is really fun doing this.  We’ve got a little band with no room, and one little amplifier.”  There are moments of ferocious intensity especially in the title track of this collection “True Love Will Never Fade” from his 2007 solo album Kill to Get Crimson.

Overall True Love Will Never Fade is another excellent Knopfler release on the Godfather label with professional sound quality. 

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  1. Just got this one too! And it is excellent. Knopfler has always been one of my favorite guitarists sine Sultans of Swing.
    One of the few really original players out there.

  2. This is indeed a fantastic release! I like the violin addition, especially on “What it is”.

  3. Here’s a surprise for this listener. I had no idea what to expect from this Dire Straits guitarist and man was I and a few others in for a treat. This is some great stuff here folks!!! Another collector and I were talking about how this was the most surprising release from this batch of Godfather. This man’s style is something we have really enjoyed and honestly I had this in rotation 3 times back to back. Some mellow music here. I must say as I have in the past that I like how Godfather takes a chance on something and I do hope this is another hit for the label.


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