Oasis – The Magical Mystery (Godfather Records GR 338/339)

The Magical Mystery (Godfather Records GR 338/339)

Electric Proms, The Roundhouse, London, UK – October 26th, 2008

Disc 1 (69:08):  Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, Lyla, The Shock Of The Lightening, Cigarettes And Alcohol, The Meaning Of Soul, To Be Where There’s Life, Waiting For The Rapture, The Masterplan, Songbird, Slide Away, Morning Glory, Ain’t Got Nothin’, The Importance Of Being Idle, I’m Outta Time, Wonderwall

Disc 2 (59:01):  Supersonic, Don’t Look Back In Anger, Falling Down, Champagne Supernova, I Am The Walrus.  Bonus tracks, Wembley Arena, London, UK – October 16th, 2008:  The Shock Of The Lightening, To Be Where There’s Life, Waiting For The Rapture, Ain’t Got Nothin’, I’m Outta Time, Falling Down

The Magical Mystery on Godfather presents the radio broadcast of their Electric Proms appearance at the Roundhouse in London on October 26th.  The sound quality for both this, and the Wembley show in the bonus tracks, is excellent and clear. 

Regarding the show, Clash Music writes:

“Mancunian musical legends Oasis have closed this year’s BBC Electric Proms, with the band playing a stunning set at the Roundhouse venue in London last night (October 26th).  The band have been on spectacular live form recently, playing a massive UK tour that included a two-night stint in Wembley Stadium. The gig in the Roundhouse was rather more intimate, being the smallest venue the band have played in years.  Supported by Scottish rockers Glasvegas, the band were on ferocious form. Backed by a massive choir, the band played their now familiar cover of ‘I Am The Walrus’ while the singers belted out a version of Beethoven’s ‘Ode To Joy’.  Guitarist Noel Gallagher told the BBC that “we done a bit of a rehearsal with them at Wembley Arena a couple of weeks ago and it’s difficult to concentrate, because it sounds so brilliant. I kind of have to concentrate on what I’m singing, or else I forget what I’m doing.”  Other highlights from the show were an acoustic version of ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ – dedicated to Russell Brand – and Noel Gallagher demanding that actor Daniel Craig, present in the crowd, play him in the biopic of his life.”

And the BBC reports: “Oasis had 20 songs on their set list, with obvious favourites like Lyla, Morning Glory, Wonderwall and Supersonic going down a massive storm with the crowd. At times it was a struggle to hear the choir above the chorus provided by the fans, but when you could, they did lift the songs and gave them massive celestial air, especially when they sang a bit of Beethoven’s Ode To  Joy  in the background on I Am The Walrus.  Noel told us: ‘We done a bit of a rehearsal with them at Wembley Arena a couple of weeks ago and it’s difficult to concentrate, because it sounds so brilliant. I kind of have to concentrate on what I’m singing, or else I forget what I’m doing.’  There wasn’t that much banter between the Gallagher brothers, but Noel didn’t fail in entertaining the crowd when he pointed out a few of the celebs who were enjoying the show. Now obviously these were the must have tickets for this year’s electric proms, so, some A list celebs made the effort to get their hands on at least one. A list celebs like actor Daniel Craig. Yes, Mr James Bond, 007 himself, was present:  ‘James Bond is here. I might try and blag it to do the next Bond theme, instead of them getting a load of Americans to do it. If I get it, Daniel, I’ll let you play me in a biopic of my life’. 

“He wasn’t the only celeb who was outted. Noel made sure the crowd’s attention was turned straight onto Russell Brand, when he dedicated an acoustic Don’t Look Back In Anger to his mate. That’s the point the whole room literally turned around and started shouting ‘Who are you’ up into the balcony where Russell was sat.  The intimacy of this gig is what made it feel fabulous. No matter where you were in the Roundhouse, you got a fantastic view and were virtually on top of Noel and Liam. You could even see Noel smiling as beer, which had been thrown into the crowd, came dangerously close to him during Slide Away. The choir were also a massive highlight to the bill, lifting some already very classic tracks, giving them a virtual ‘wall of sound’.”  For Oasis fans this would be an excellent addition since the performance does sound tight, and the packaging is very nice. 

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  1. This is a great sounding show. Very much “wall of sound”, which is to be expected from Oasis shows of this era. There is a lot of bottom end on this show, giving terrific depth to the overall sound. I’ve heard some boots (including FM sources) from this tour that lack in bottom end. This is one of the best sounding of this tour, IMO.


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