Jimi Hendrix – Electric Church Magic (Axis-02A/B)


Electric Church Magic (Axis-02A/B) 

Konserthset, Stockholm, Sweden – January 9th, 1969 first & second show  

Disc 1:  Introduction, Killing Floor, Spanish Castle Magic, Fire, Hey Joe, Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Red House, Sunshine Of Your Love.

Disc 2:  Introduction, I Don’t Live Today, Spanish Castle Magic, Hey Joe, Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Sunshine Of Your Love, Red House, Fire, Purple Haze, Star Spangled Banner

Electric Church Magic is the second release from the Hendrix-only label Axis, coming out late in 2003.  I believe this is a golden age for collectors with all of the professionally mixed soundboards being uncovered and released from the vaults for many artists.  The artwork for this title claims this was mastered by Eddie Kramer himself.  I do find that hard to believe though.  As good as this tape is, there is some distortion in the bass at certain points, making this less than perfect.

This show falls into the end of the Experience era.  They would fold months after this show into the Band of Gypsies era at Woodstock.  The band sound very nervous and rusty in the first set turning in a mediocre performance.  They are aware of this and Jimi apologizes to the crowd that “We haven’t played together for about six weeks, so we’re just going to jam tonight.”

The second show begins with the band sounding very loose and joking with the audience.  At the very loud request for “Wild Thing”, Noel Redding responds “I know her very well.”  That is followed by a scorching extended version of “I Don’t Live Today” and the band don’t look back.  The highlight is a classic version of “Voodoo Child (Slight Return)” with an interesting drum solo by Mitch Mitchell.  The only negatives with the title is the first and second shows are reversed, with the second show on disc A and the first on disc B.  Also the artwork is quite bland.  But otherwise, this title is recommended.

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  1. You’re correct about the first show being videotaped by Swedish television. It was recently re-released and one of our correspondents will post a review soon.

  2. Not sure if the same source was used but these SB’s was previously released on the original Swinging Pig title “On the Killing Floor”

    The first show was also videotaped by Swedish TV in B&W and is available on several DVD releases in very good quality


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