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In Memory of Gerard Sparaco 1967 to 2013



If you did not come from the announcement page, please read this first

This page is dedicated to the memory of Gerard who has contributed unconditionally to the collector’s music community with his brilliant writings. Through Collectors Music Reviews he was able to share his incredible wealth of knowledge with all of us and built an amazing community of collectors.

Gerard was a great friend who will truly be missed. We will continue to honor his memory by ensuring that the work precedent by Gerard lives on and we at CMR will attempt to be as solid and as mercurial as his work was.


  1. I received the new Stones Tarantura 4-cd box a few days ago and didn’t notice until tonight, inscribed on the side of the box: “R.I.P. Gerard Sparaco, He was THE MAN”.

  2. Careful Axeman Eugene

    very sorry to hear such tragically unfortunate, sad news – may G Sparaco RIP, and all major condolences go out to his family, friends, and all others closest to him. and many thanks for all his very prolific work

  3. I never met Gerard but, like so many others here, welcomed and appreciated his great guidance and service to those of us in the ROIO collecting community whose love, devotion, and yes, obsession for the music of our favorite artists and bands were matched and mirrored in his knowledgable, passionate reviews and sense of history. Not just of the artists he wrote about, but of the rich history of the labels, titles, and sensibilities of this fascinating and addictive alternate musical universe. Like the “hobby” he wrote about, Gerard was so much more than a “reviewer.” Thanks for helping document and archive the music I’ve always loved, Gerard, wherever you are.

  4. Listening to the new Led Zep 12/6/69 and thinking about doing a review of it. Probably won’t even come close to what GS would of presented here. I feel like I lost a friend. He always was on top of the new releases. He actually made me want to go back and LISTEN and not just collect. RIP Gerrard you are greatly missed.

  5. Gerard; i hope you are having fun larking about with the angels!
    By now…. i’m certain you know the truth about Brian Jones!

  6. Rest in Peace, man and Thank You for ALL you did for us!

  7. RIP Gerard :-( Your contribution for CMR was absolutely wonderful and amazing. It’s a very very bad news, but his work will never been forgotten. It will always be a pleasure to read his chronicles.

  8. julesmctrainspotter

    Gerard was a truly great man, and his insights and detailed knowledge of boot vinyl and CD releases was vast. As someone who runs a dedicated Led Zeppelin review website (Underground Uprising), I know about the tremendous hard work that he put into verything that he did, and we often corresponded. It is wonderful this website will continue and remain a tribute to this wonderful man.

  9. I enjoyed his writing and his work. His passion and knowledge will be missed.

  10. Sorry to hear this. I lastly spoke to Gerard only 2 weeks ago, and suddenly he is gone.

  11. What a sad surprise to hear the news. I always looked forward to reading his newest, latest review no matter which band it concerned. There was always so much information included in each review, always very enjoyably composed. RIP GS.

  12. I will miss your insight Gerard – thank you for all you have given to the community.

    Goodnight Gerard – and Godspeed.

  13. Gerard and I had been friends for several years, although we only met in person on one occasion. We had been corresponding quite frequently recently. He reached out to help me in a time of need. He was a compassionate and giving person, who gave much to others, without any expectations. So, when the call came that he had passed, I was shocked and shaken. Most of us knew him as a giant when it came to sharing the history and knowledge of the bands and live recordings we love. However, much more than that, he was truly a kind and loving soul who will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, my friend. My condolences go out to his family.

  14. I always enjoyed reading Gerard’s thoughtful and insightful comments. His passion for music was clearly evident in his writing… he contributed enormously to this wonderful resource, which we all cherish.

  15. I was so sad to hear of Gerard’s premature death. I never met the man in person but we had regular dealings via email dating back to his Hotwacks days. He was a generous and considerate man, and as you all know, his knowledge of rock music was simply encyclopedic. This site was fueled by Gerard’s passion and dedication. I do hope the various contributors find a way to keep it alive, although obviously there will be a massive hole that will be impossible to truly fill. RIP Gerard.

  16. When I first sat down to write something here I found myself at a complete loss for words. When I heard the news I didn’t want to believe it. I have lost a great friend. Gerard, thanks for everything. I will never forget you. My thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones during this difficult time.

  17. RIP, gsparaco, and ROCK ON! As you meet that Greatest Band in Heaven there will be high-fives and backslaps all around, as YOU kept their legacies alive through your activist passion for their music. And living musicians owe a debt of gratitude too, as this great hobby you so eloquently championed only spurs prosperous growth in their art and business, and in NO way detracts from it. My own gratitude goes out to you as well, for endless hours of entertainment and knowledge shared on this, your baby, COLLECTORS MUSIC REVIEWS. Long may it run, gsparaco, and Long May You Run. You’ve built your ladder to the stars much, much too early and your insight will be sorely missed by those of us yet to make the climb. Say hi to Bonzo for us……!

  18. Very sad news about Gerard. The man’s knowledge and passion for music was boundless. Gerard was a good guy . He helped me out a few years ago { pre CMR } when I was having trouble locating certain titles/labels . I appreciated he was willing to help me out like that . I once sent him a title thru the mail so he could review it . He wanted me to do the review , but I told him he would do a much better job . I think we all agree , Gerard could write his ass off. That certainly shows throughout this site . Strength to your family and REST IN PEACE GERARD . GOD BLESS .

  19. Sad to hear of his passing, yet I’m having a Bérenger Saunière moment.

  20. Stunned.A terrible loss. My prayers to his family.

  21. RIP Gerard! Thanks for your great effort and support!

  22. A great knowledge of so many different types of rock music. His reviews will be missed.

  23. I will sadly miss all the interesting conversation, in-depth discussions we had over the past many years. We never had a chance to really work on both our websites together! RIP Gerard!

  24. What a great shock! Loved his reviews on this website. Did not know him but have been in touch with him through emails.
    He was always so kind to respond to and help me with everything I questioned.

    Your life was short but the memory lives on forever. R.I.P.

  25. What a sad loss. Gerard certainly knew his stuff & his reviews etc translated his passion for music. I always looked forward to reading his articles. Like many, i never met/spoke to him, but i felt a close connection through our passion of music loving.
    RIP Gerard

  26. Gerard your words will always be with us,your boots will never be filled your legacy will be honoured by us all on this site. My heart goes out to friends and family at this time. Heaven will be a louder place.

  27. This man knew music, and he LOVED it. And he shared that with us. I put great faith in his reviews and must say they were always honest and accurate. Thankfully there is this amazing legacy of thoughtful reviews on this site. He encouraged me and others to write reviews, and now we must really step up!! Mighty big shoes to fill.

    “In my time of dying, don’t want nobody to moan
    All I want for you to do, is take my body home.
    Meet me Jesus, meet me, Oh meet me in the middle of the air.
    And if my wings should fail me Lord, meet me with another pair. ”

    RIP brother GS.


  28. We had our differences in philosophy regarding music in the past but I always appreciated your passion for music and your devotion for sharing our favorite hobby. RIP my friend and I hope this website can continue in a tribute to your passion for all things music.

  29. The tough week indeed, I had a couple of concerts to see and spent 12 hours in driving to them on Wednesday and Thursday plus work plus my eldest daughter turning 21 so when I checked my email and found about Gerard’s passing it was tough to process. How do you sum up one’s life when you have never met them ? I found myself moved by the tributes that started flowing in but it was today when my family had obligations and I was left alone that I found myself addressing this loss. It started with a new stack of metal releases and moved into Wendy’s release of Led Zep’s 7/29/73 specifically disc 2 with and epic Dazed & Confused and from there I went into the Grateful Dead’s Dave’s Picks vol. 5 with its playing in the Band>uncle johns band>morning dew>UNJB> Playing reprise that I shed some tears thinking about GS and it dawened on me that it the the music that is the tie that binds us all, he supported the jems that we all strive to hear and enjoy and it the basis of what gives us enjoyment and comfort. As the tears flow and the notes fad I feel happy knowing that the music will live on, RIP Gerard.

  30. really incredible… i was phoned by a friend of mine announcing the death of Gerard and i was astonished, sometimes i didn’t agree with him about some reviews but who cares? A great lover of the music we love ,that’s how we will remenber him R.I.P.

  31. RIP Gerard – sadly missed

  32. It’s a sad day, and my heart is heavy.

  33. My bootleg collection grew as never before on the last few years due to his contributions. You’ll be missed, Gerard! (and I just realized he was born on the same year as I did). I’m shocked.

  34. Well said, everybody. I never met Gerard face to face either but felt I knew him through his wonderful writing. My thoughts are with his loved ones and I will play some live Zep in his honour today.

  35. The good thing about the WWW, with sites like this and similar forums, is that we get to interact with people we may never meet, and the world seems smaller.

    The price we pay is on occasions such as this, when the loss of someone we have never met is still affecting, and the world seems emptier.

    RIP, Gerard.

  36. Gerard’s erudite, well-written, informative and enjoyable reviews were the inspiration for me to write my own reviews for CMR. Writing them has been a very fulfilling part of my life for the last five years and I am in greatly his debt for allowing me the opportunity to do this. I have, of course, also continued to enjoy the reviews written both by Gerard and other contributors and I would therefore also like to express my gratitude for all the work he put into running the site. Although I never met Gerard face-to-face, I nonetheless feel that I have lost a friend. My thoughts are with his family and close friends at this sad time.

  37. Gerard reviewed his subject with passion and knowledge.I enjoyed his Led Zeppelin reviews especially.He will be missed by all of the Led Zeppelin and collecting community.

  38. R.I.P,
    Gerard Thank you for your appreciation of the underground music reviews.I have spent many hours reading your reviews and have help me with your knowledge which to buy or not.
    I am sure you will be with Bonzo,Jimi,
    Koss,and the rest talking music.
    I will miss you,as will many other collectors the world over.Thank-You.

  39. We´ll miss you. The best rock´s reviewer !!!! God bless you.

  40. His invaluable insight inspired me to grow my live music collection and develop a great appreciation for the niche market he catered to. At one point, he encouraged me to write reviews, which I regret not submitting any completed ones, however, they centered on the vinyl release side since that is what I collected mostly and CMR was about CD releases. Plus, he had a wealth of music knowledge about certain recordings well beyond any resources one could easily find on the internet.

    I hope everyone associated with CMR can keep the torch burning for GP. If there is a family charity set up in his memory please pass it on.

    Cheers to Gerard,

  41. I have received last Gerard mail on tuesday. I feel like I am losing a friend. Nothing else to say. Goodbye Gerard.

  42. Never meet the man but felt like I knew him thru his reviews. He will be missed.My thoughts and prayers to all his family and loved ones………lz1014.

  43. Let me be the first to say this is just a tremendous loss. Gerard has been a good friend of mine for quite a while. His kindness, generosity, passion and breadth of knowledge were unparalleled. I can’t believe I won’t have him to call, email or text to gush or complain about new releases, geek out over our favorite bands, or just talk about life.

    This site meant a lot to him, and he was absolutely the driving force behind it. Right now we’re all trying to figure out the best way for it to continue, but one thing is clear… it will never be the same.

    As for a fitting tribute to Gerard, it seems the best thing to do would be to not just play music but dive in to it like he did. Learn the history of your favorite band, understand the context in which each performance was given, and don’t be afraid to criticize, question, or praise with reckless abandon.

    Thank you, my friend, for sharing so much of yourself and the music you loved. I will miss you all of my days.

    “Can’t you feel our souls ignite
    Shedding ever changing colours,
    in the darkness of the fading night,
    Like the river joins the ocean, as the germ in a seed grows
    We have finally been freed to get back home.

    There’s an angel standing in the sun, and he’s crying with a loud voice,
    “This is the supper of the mighty One”,
    The Lord of Lords,
    King of Kings,
    Has returned to lead His children home,
    To take them to the new Jerusalem.”


  44. I am speechless and deeply saddened.

  45. R.I.P. Gerard! These were really very sad news!. We will never forget all what you have done for us music cellectors! You will remain in our hearts and whenever we will read one of your many excellent reviews on CMR in the future, we will think of you.

  46. What a shock. Gerard has always gone out of his way to help. His contributions to the site were fantastic.
    My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

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