Jane’s Addiction – Last Fixx (Kiss The Stone KTS569)


Last Fixx (Kiss The Stone KTS569)  

Aloha Tower, Honolulu, HI – September 26, 1991

(63:52) 1. Up The Beach, 2. Whores, 3. Standing In The Shower…Thinking, 4. Ain’t No Right, 5. Thank You Boys, 6. Three Days, 7. Been Caught Stealing, 8. L.A. Medley (L.A. Woman, Nausea, Lexicon Devil), 9. Then She Did, 10. Mountain Song, 11. Stop, 12. Ocean Size, 13. Chip Away

Here we have the last performance of the original line-up of Jane’s Addiction in stunning Stereo Soundboard quality.  Having announced their pending break-up a few months earlier the band set out to headline lead singer Perry Ferrell’s baby “Lollapalooza Festival”.    This tour was marred with many instances of fighting between the band on and off stage.  During the last song on the kick off date of the tour (Compton Terrace, Tempe, AZ July 18, 1991) Perry and guitarist Dave Navarro actually got into a fist fight on stage.  Drugs had long been a part of the band member’s lives and their addictions contributed to the break-up of the band.  This release has to be the best ever release visually by KTS.

The artwork looks better than any legitimate Jane’s Addiction release.    There are a few mistakes with the track list on the back cover.  Classic Girl is listed but is actually “Then She Did” and Trip Away is listed but is actually “Chip Away”.  The date listed on the back cover is wrong as well.  The date listed is September 9, 1991 when in actuality the show took place on September 26, 1991.  Collectors who own this release very rarely part with it.

The sound quality is absolutely amazing.  The mix of the instruments is rather good.  The only downside is the guitars seem to be low in the mix, but this could be to Dave having a loud on-stage volume, which wouldn’t require him to be loud in the overall mix.  Starting on Track 6 (Three Days) the vocals tend to get distorted and overloaded when Perry screams loudly into the mic.  It is noticeable but doesn’t really distract you from enjoying the recording.  The 2nd guitar breakdown in “Stop” is shorter than what is normally played but I’m not sure whether this was done by the band purposely or is an edit in the recording.  If it’s an edit it’s not noticeable and you would never know unless you’re really familiar with the song.  The audience source of this show was released as “Last Show” on “Red Devil Music (Red-3)” and doesn’t contain anything not found on “Last Fixx”.

There’s also a video source of this show shot from on the stage.  The video captures the band from behind Stephen Perkins’ drum kit and from both sides of the stage.  The audio for the video is sourced from the built-in microphone on the camera.  The video shows both Perry and Stephen shedding their clothing and playing naked for the 2nd half of the show.  Also there’s about 10 minutes of after show backstage footage shot by Stephen Perkins, which leads me to believe that someone close to Stephen using his camera shot the video footage of the concert.  If you’re a Jane’s Addiction Fan then this is a must have addition to your collection so next time you see a copy for sale on eBay grab it up.

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  1. Janes Addiction are one of my favorite bands from the 80’s and I’ve had this release for at least 10 years and would never part with it. I’m also hoping for a reunion tour.


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