The Rolling Stones – Everybody, Rattle Your Jewelry (Godfather Records GR 830/831)


 Everybody, Rattle Your Jewelry
(Godfather Records GR 830/831)

O2 Arena, London, England – November 25th, 2012

Disc 1 (72:46):  Video Screens Intro., I Wanna Be Your Man (Beatles cover, first time performed live since 1964), Get Off Of My Cloud, It’s All Over Now (The Valentinos cover), Paint It Black, Gimme Shelter (with Mary J. Blige), Wild Horses, All Down The Line, Going Down (with Jeff Beck)(St. Louis Jimmy Oden cover)(live debut), Out Of Control, One More Shot, Doom And Gloom, It’s Only Rock’n Roll (with Bill Wyman)(Bill Wyman’s first onstage appearance with the Stones since August 25th, 1990)

Disc 2 (78:37):  Honky Tonk Women (with Bill Wyman), Band introductions, Before They Make Me Run (Keith), Happy (Keith), Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)(Mick Taylor’s first onstage appearance with the Stones since December 14th, 1981), Miss You, Start Me Up, Tumbling Dice, Brown Sugar, Sympathy For The Devil, You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with London Youth Choir)(first ever live performance with choral accompaniment), Jumping Jack Flash

The Rolling Stones as a rock and roll institution observe their anniversaries with a flourish.  Their fortieth produced the greatest hits compilation Forty Licks (with four new songs) and a tour where they dragged little played songs out of the closet.  Ten years later they release yet another greatest hits compilation (with two new songs) GRRR!  

Although the band haven’t scheduled a full-blown celebratory lap around the world (yet), they did play select shows in London, New York and Newark.  In addition to playing some rarely played songs, they also treated this as a family reunion of sorts by inviting Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor as guest stars.

Everybody, Rattle Your Jewelry on Godfather Records contains an IEM recording an audience tape utilized to provide depth and a nice “live feel” to the recording.  The matrix is flawless and overall this is a perfect recording of the first Rolling Stones concert in more than five years.  

It starts off with much of the video introduction, a collection of people speaking about how much they love the Stones and saying snarky things about Keith Richards.  It’s a McCartneyesque slice of self-indulgence, but forgivable for the occasion.  It’s followed by a little musical interlude based on “Sympathy For The Devil” before the band hit the stage for a slow and sloppy rendition of “I Wanna Be Your Man,” their second single released in late 1963.

They follow with “Get Off Of My Cloud.”  Before “It’s All Over Now” Jagger jokes “everybody alright in the cheap seats?   They’re not really cheap, that’s the trouble.”  The Valentinos cover was their first number one hit in the summer of 1964 and, unlike “I Wanna Be Your Man,” has been featured in latter day Stones set lists from the Voodoo Lounge era.  

“What a year it’s been for celebrations.  The celebrations for Britain this year have been massive.  There’s the Queen’s diamond jubilee.  But we didn’t do that.  And there was the Olympics.  But we didn’t do that either.  And there’s James Bond’s 50th anniversary film.  But we didn’t do the song for that either.  But we just got in under wire…” Jagger says as the opening sitar of “Paint It Black” starts.

“Gimme Shelter” features the first cameo when Mary J. Blige joins the band to sing the female part.  Her voice lacks the violent sincerity of Merry Clayton’s original recording but holds up well.  

After “All Down The Line” Jagger introduces “one of our great contemporaries” Jeff Beck.  Beck has been somewhat involved with The Rolling Stones throughout the years, jamming with them in the early Black And Blue sessions in 1975 and playing guitar on Jagger’s solo albums in the eighties, this is the first time he’s joined the band live onstage.  The oblige by playing the St. Louis Jimmy Oden cover “Going Down Slow,” a staple of Beck’s live act but played for the first time by the Stones.  

“Out Of Control” is an interesting choice.  It’s been an almost constant inclusion in the live set since it was first released on Bridges To Babylon and it’s good that the late nineties were acknowledged.  

Afterwards Jagger jokes they’re going to play the whole of the Satanic Majesties album before introducing the first new song “One More Shot.”  It is the weaker of the two new songs, sounding like a Bridges outtake, and is played live for the first time because they didn’t bother playing it in the two Paris warm up gigs.  “Doom & Gloom,” the other new song, was played in Paris and sounds much tighter and accomplished.  It’s a catchy ditty and the band sound like they’re having fun on stage.  

Bill Wyman joins the band on bass for “It’s Only Rock And Roll” and “Honky Tonk Women” for the first time in more then twenty-two years.  After the band introductions and Keith’s two songs set of “Before They Make Me Run” and “Happy,” Mick Taylor joins the band onstage for “Midnight Rambler” for the first time since Kansas City in December 1981.

The finale of the show follows with a long and troubled “Miss You” featuring a Darryl Jones bass solo and ending with a nice version of “Sympathy For The Devil.”  The encores consist of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” with the recorded choral accompaniment and a wild version of “Jumping Jack Flash.”  

Everybody, Rattle Your Jewelry is packaged in a tri-fold cardboard gatefold sleeve with many photographs from the gig.  Also included is an insert with liner notes and two miniature posters from the event.  It’s not the band’s greatest performance but it holds much historic import and Godfather produced a very nice and collectible version for the collection.   

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