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Led Zeppelin – Last Tour (Forever Standard Series FSS 98-001)

Last Tour (Forever Standard Series FSS 98-001)

Messehalle, Hannover, Germany – June 24th, 1980
Disc 1 (49:10):  Train Kept A Rollin’, Nobody’s Fault But Mine, Black Dog, In The Evening, The Rain Song, Hot Dog, All My Love, Trampled Underfoot

Disc 2 (56:11):  Since I’ve Been Loving You, Achilles Last Stand, White Summer/Black Mountainside/Kashmir, Stairway To Heaven, Rock and Roll, Communication Breakdown

This soundboard recording first surfaced in 1991 as Messehalle Echos Part 1 (CD 6-813) and Messehalle Echoes Part 2 (CD 6-814) on the Flying Disc label.  The Flying Disc, like many early soundboards, ran noticeably too fast. 

Tarantura first released this in 1996 as Hannover (1980-11,12) with the correct speed.  The same year Antrabata paired it with the Zurich soundboard on Gracias (ARM 290680) and the excess discs were released as Spitfire on the Theramin label.  The latest release of this tape can be found on Hannover Ver. 2004 (Tarantura, 1980 – 11, 12).

Last Tour(FSS 98-001) on Forever Standard is a low cost budget release of the soundboard released in the late nineties.  It sounds almost identical to the Antrabata release.

1980 was the big comeback year for Zeppelin, touring for the first time in three years and touring Europe for the first time in seven.  The early dates were quite erratic.  Zeppelin improved and peaked by the time they hit Zurich and Frankfurt, and tiring by the end in Berlin. 

Hannover is closer to the beginning of the tour and has some really effective moments like the Jimmy Page solo in “Trampled Underfoot” and “Since I’ve Been Loving You”.  But in general this is a rather pedestrian performance by the band.   The problem is with the actual performance.

I really dislike this concert because of Plant.  Usually he is very charming on stage and the Plantations really can carry a show.  In Hannover he comes across as a big jerk.  Before “Black Dog” he remarks “Nice echo” and says “Fookin’ ‘orrible place” off mic (he probably didn’t know that was picked up), he spits out “danke schoen” after “The Rain Song”  and in general just reeks of a bad attitude.

If a band isn’t exciting an audience then they should blame themselves, not paying customers.  If I were at this show I would have asked for my money back.

The paper inserts are printed on only one side to keep costs down.  Given the general lackluster performance and crowd response, this is a good way to obtain the show for the collection.  This tape is recommended for Zeppelin completists.

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    I use a Yahoo email account and often find important emails in my Spam folder.

    Happy New Year Everybody!

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  4. OH LUCKY ONES WHO EVEN GOT TO SEE THE WORST CONCERT ZEPP EVER PLAYED!! How many of us never got the chance?
    I like the Dortmund show because of the high energy and excitement you get from the sdb. Sure sounds like the guys are giving it all they got. Of course being there you might have a different perception. Still, and just based on the sdb recording I would recommend this nite ( 1st nite of the tour) and Cologne ( second nite) as the most energetic ones. The best nights being Zurich & Frankfurt. ( I kind of dig Rotterdam also but the 1980 Tour is not my favorite)

  5. The comment you’re refering to might have been routed to the spam folder.

  6. Careful Axeman Eugene

    interesting review…thanks. the only show on this tour that i’m familiar with is the one at Frankfurt, which i think is pretty good. however, as for cgil saying that he got his brand new for just $20.00, why is it that a comment like that is allowed by the moderators here to be posted, whereas when someone else says that he managed to get a certain Stones 1CD for the very cheap price of $15, not only was such a comment apparently now allowed by the moderators, but the entire message (response), which didn’t have anything else that could be considered improper or merely questionable, was deleted by a moderator? just wondering why

  7. Pedro, Led Zeppelins Dortmund show 1980 was terrible. I was there…

  8. I got the GRACIAS box ( Antrabata) which I got mainly for the Zurich show. I always considered this Hannover show an “extra” and in that way it is ok. DEFINATELY not the best of the 80 tour!!!
    Look for Frankfurt, Zurich, Dortmund , Cologne or a few others that are way much better.

  9. A very good compressed soundboard recording. Don’t pay too much for it. I picked this one up for $20.00 brand new.

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