Led Zeppelin – Reunion Collection DVD (Wendy WEDV-01)


LIVE AID. Live at JFK Stadium, Philadelphia,13th July 1985: Introduction, Rock And Roll, Whole Lotta Love, Stairway To Heaven

Atlantic Records’ 40th anniversary celebration Live at Madison Square Garden, New York,14th May 1988: Introduction, Kashmir, Heartbreaker, Whole Lotta Love, Misty Mountain Hop, Stairway To Heaven

Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Live at Waldorf-Astoria, New York,12th January 1995: Introduction, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, backstage, Bring It On Home, Long Distance Call Blues, Baby Please Don’t Go, When The Levee Breaks/For What It’s Worth
Since they began production in the summer of 2003, the Wendy/Misterclaudel/Picadilly Circus people have issued many worthy Led Zeppelin/Beatles/Paul McCartney titles. But this, the Led Zeppelin Reunion Collection, is their first foray into producing silver DVDs. They have to be commened for releasing this material instead of trying to add their name to the Earl’s Court-Knebworth-Seattle video wars. The reunion material make their silver pressed DVD debut.

Like many, I was very excited when the official Live Aid DVD set was released last November. And, like many, was disappointed when Zeppelin chose not to have their set included. Granted their performance wasn’t the best, but it was the spirit that was important. Wendy have done a good job to rectifiy the situation. The Live Aid set is taped straight from the MTV Live Aid broadcast including the MTV logo in corner of the screen occasionally. It picks up with Phil Collins’ introduction and MTV VJ Mark Goodman’s voice over and ends with Goodman and Martha Quinn interviewing Ben Orr of The Cars about the event. The video quality isn’t any worse than the Philadelphia material on the official DVD.

The Atlantic Records anniversary set was taped from the HBO broadcast and is good but not great. The picture is a bit dull with the occasional tracking lines in the screen. But again, this hasn’t been released on bootleg since the infamous Cabala box set, so it is very welcome. And the final portion of this release is the MTV broadcast of Zeppelin’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Beginning with the montage of footage and photos, Steve Tyler and Joe Perry’s speech and the band’s thank yous! It ends with their set including Neil Young joining them on the final number.

Overall a very nice production from the Wendy people. The song titles on the menu are in Greek script for some reason (transliterating, more or less the English words) and there are no extras. But it’s great to see this material released. (GS)

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