Led Zeppelin – The Dancing Avocado (Godfather Records GR330)

The Dancing Avocado (Godfather Records GR330)
Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA – April 24, 1969

Running Time: (59:00):  01. As Long As I Have You (Medley) (20:12), 02. Killing Floor (8:52), 03. White Summer/Black Mountain Side (10:23), 04. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You (7:14), 05. Pat’s Delight (12:19)

During their first year of existence Led Zeppelin quickly adopted San Francisco as their home away from home.  The shows performed there actually set the mark for how amazing the band could be live.  This particular show definitely does just that.  Long rumoured to be stolen directly from Bill Graham’s vaults, this show has everything a Zephead could want  and so much more.  Pure Psychodelia with a mixture of raw power make for a Red  Hot set.  Every member of the band is in fine shape and turns in an inspired performance.  Robert’s voice sounds amazing and the rest of the group are as tight as can be.  Halfway through this recording John Paul Jone’s Bass Amp blows up but he somehow manages to get through the rest of the gig.

Upon writing this review I sat down and compared this version to the Empress Valley release Listen To The Difference and I’m leaning towards this release sounding a bit cleaner.  There’s just a bit more body and depth to this release which definitely takes it to another level.  This recording has long been thought to be a soundboard recording due to how well balanced the instruments are.  Robert’s voice is a bit lower than everyone else.    Coming from two microphones placed directly on stage could explain why his voice is a bit lower.  The instruments are picked up well but the microphones are placed behind the throw of the main PA speakers.

The packaging is the standard Godfather Gatefold packaging with 3 panels.  All contain great period shots of the band both on and off stage.   Mr. Paul De Luxe contributes another essay to the inside panel.  Godfather’s advantage over alot of other labels is that their packaging is always simple and to the point, all the while looking just as exciting and as professional as many of the boutique labels.

This source was previously released on LP as The Rising Of The Zeppelin (no label) & San Francisco ’69 (no label) and on CD as Best Of 1969 Tour (Forever Standard Series), Black Beauty (Wendy Records), Blues Anytime (Empress Valley Supreme Disc),  Cabala (CD Company SRL), Conquering California(Dinopower Records), Cracker Jack Blues (Jelly Roll), The Dancing Avocado (Small Fish CD-R), The Dancing Avocado – Supreme Edition (Small Fish CD-R), Fillmore 69(House Of Elrond), Fillmore West (Last Stand Disc), Fillmore West 1969 (Scorpio), Fillmore West – January And April 1969 (Aulica), Go West Young Man! (Scorpio), Listen To The Difference (Empress Valley Supreme Disc), More Than Something Else(Aulica), Psychedelic Raw Blues (Immigrant), San Francisco ’69 (Aulica), Shenandoah(Aulica), Through The Years (Big Music), & Who’s Country Joe (Flying Disc Music).

Even if you own numerous versions of this show I highly suggest adding this one to your collection.  I for one am pleased with it and am glad I decided to add it to my collection.  Godfather never disappoints me with their releases and I honestly doubt anyone else gets disappointed either.  Turn It Up!!!!!

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  1. Anybody have any experience from NSU’s Led Zeppelin boots(Northern Songs Unlimited Records)and especially their 2007 release of this show? I don’t seem to find any info on this label, but there appears to be a wide range of Zep boots by them on offer on that site. (this is no ad, NB)

  2. It’s the same show really. I have compared it with circulating version from Torrent and splice seems to be the same.

  3. This is another great version of this legendary tape. It is not as loud as EV’s Listen To The Difference and has been equilized a little differently but Godfather’s version has a little more tape at the start than previous releases. The tape speed up in “White Summer” has either been fixed by slowing it down or they have spliced in tape from a different show. If they did in fact splice in tape, it is not easily detected and the edits were handled very well.


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