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Led Zeppelin – Ultimate Mudslide (OMS-004)

Ultimate Mudslide.Pb (OMS-004 Original Master Series)

Pacific Coliseum-Vancouver,B.C. Canada
March 21,1970

This reportedly is the original vinyl restoration with the tracks sequenced properly.

Track listing: We’re Gonna Groove,Heartbreaker,Since I’ve Been Loving You, Organ Solo,Thank You,What is and Never Should Be, Communication Breakdown Medley,Whole Lotta Love
March 26th,1970
Hofeinz Pavilion,University of Houston

White Summer/Black Mountainside,How Many More Times Medley (Includes Down By the River,Ravel Bolero,For What’s Worth,Tobacco Road)

A wonderful Zeppelin show presented here with the proper track sequence. Beginning as they frequently did in 1970 with We’re Gonna Groove which seems to get the band in a good flow for this show; following is a frenetic version of Heartbreaker with Jimmy Page showing off hot licks with superb fretwork; Since I’ve Been loving You follows with some superb blues power from Jimmy and Robert showing his range during this youthful era of Zep.

John Paul Jones gives a pleasant performance on Thank You followed by What Is and Never Be with Jimmy’s masterful guitar work; then a raucous version of their classic Communication Breakdown as Robert asks the crowd “You Feel Allright”; Whole Lotta Love closes this show with Bonzo showing his abilities and John Paul Jones bass to the forefront of the mix.

The Houston two tracks conclude this show Robert introducing Jimmy Page for White Summer/Blackmountainside; always a favorite with Jimmy playing a splendid guitar solo which is as smooth as a wet hummingbird here! Last is How Many More Times with Neil Young’s Down By The River, Ravel’s Bolero, Buffalo Springfield’s For What It’s Worth, and the Nashville Teens Tobacco Road culminating this marvelous ending this wonderful show!

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  1. Sorry, Pookie – I have no freaking idea, unfortunately, as I’ve never been able to be helpful to anyone here, although I’ve certainly tried my best on numerous occasions. Take care.

  2. Pookie,

    I don’t know where to get them. However, you might try The Container Store…. they have plastic sleves to protect baseball cards and other collectables.

  3. DLee and Sputnik; thanks for the info-great cdrs! Does anyone know where to obtain the plastic sleeve coverings that you slide over the jewel case? I am looking for the ones that hold standard jewel cases as well as fatboys and standard double jewel casings.

  4. wgpsec,

    your welcome…. I get my CDR media from American Digital. They also have jewel cases if some of your collection are jewel case releases and you need to replace them.

  5. DLee and Sputnik,
    Thank you both for the info.

  6. wgespec,

    I use Mitsui Gold MAM-A CDRs….. I’ve never had a problem. However, I’ve also used Mitsui silver CDRs, which are considerably cheaper, and haven’t had one bad CDR. I hope this helps.

  7. Hey wgpsec – as for CD-R’s, I have considerable experience going back to 1999, and I’ve used a lot of both Mitsui & Taiyo Yuden. Mitsui used to be the very best, with Taiyo Yuden prob. being 2nd best, and so I used Mitsui exclusively without any significant problems at all until approx. 2003, when I discovered that unfortunately their latest batch at the time became unplayable in one of my CD players. Then I started hearing from some other people that Mitsui had prob. gone bad, or at least questionable, in more ways than just one, so after doing extensive research on CD-R quality, I made the switch to what I concluded was most prob. the very best brand at that time – Taiyo Yuden. I’ve used Taiyo Yuden exclusively ever since then (approx. 2003), and can’t remember ever having any problems whatsoever with ’em. I think that just about any type of Taiyo Yuden CD-R that was made in Japan, and I think all of them have always been made in Japan, is great/excellent/outstanding, and the excellent site where I’ve been ordering all of mine since approx. 2003 has been at http://www.rima.com/ (http://www.rima.com/CTGY/TAIYOYUDEN.html). Certainly hope that helps, and if you might have any further questions, certainly feel free to let me know.

  8. I purchased this title years ago when it first surfaced and soon after mine had cd-rot as well

  9. Hey Sputnik. I need to start transferring some of my pro-CDRs while they are still playable. Do you have a specific type of Mitsui CDR that you use/prefer and site that you get them from?

  10. Does anyone know if there is a recordimg from st.louis,missouri april,1977 of Led Zepelin?

  11. I would also like to point out the fact that I purchased nearly all of the DVD-A (Rs) that were put out by Genuine Maters…. Now, some of the titles don’t play anymore. In my opinion, they are going “bad” over time. Collectors, please beware of these titles. When I burn copies of silver discs for personal use in my car, I use premium Mitsui CDR-R media. I’ve never had a problem with the Mitsui CDRs and they’ve been sitting in my car and exposed to extreme heat for 5 or 6 years. I paid a lot of money for the Genuine Maseters titles just to find out I’ve been ripped off again. Very upset!

  12. Mine is a silver CD; cannot speak for others that mat have re4ceived a cdr; i have noticed a great deal of Fleetwood Mac cdrs recently; great performances but why not pressed on silver? More and more cdrs seem to be making the scene; is this the wave of the future; where only a few artists, Stones,Zepp,Eric;etc will be pressed on silver?

  13. I think Sputnik is correct in stating this is a CDR, but I don’t know for sure because I’ve never owned this one. Ultimate Mudslide was released in late 1999 as a House Of Elrond USA release, and many of their final titles were in the CDR format.

  14. Marjorieboy, My copy has the same problem…. it doesn’t play anymore. What a rip off! I liked it when I first bought it, but I haven’t been able to play it in years…. I wonder if the original is really a silver CDR?

  15. Quite welcome;marjorieboy; mine still plays fine; i must have been one of the lucky ones! I should have reviewed the Houston,Tx tracks; my fault for omitting their quality; the quality is ok ; not horrible nor great either; the vancouver show is louder than the othwer versions and more pleasurable to my ears.

  16. pookie, I bought this title when it first came out and then it developed ‘disc rot’ and was ruined. I am just curious about your disc…hopefully you were a lucky one.
    I have a CD-R replacement. Some of these OMS titles like ‘Little Sister Sessions’ by Elvis also had bad disc rot.
    Thanks for your review, pookie.

  17. Is the best mudslide version i have heard; yet. I thought the houston tracks were ok; be grateful you do not have the new Grand Funk piece from 1971 in Japan; threw it in the back of my closet; it is actually non-listenable.

  18. it’s clearer and louder than most. houston tracks are awful.

  19. We all knew that the performance was good. What we wanted to know was whether this issue adds something (apart from correct track-order) to the myriad Mudslide editions already in the market. And no mention of the Houston tracks quality either.

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