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New Jimmy Page on Tarantura



Jimmy Page “Gigin’ Man II-Live At Heartbreak Hotel 1986” is the newest Led Zepp based release on the Tarantura label. Recorded on Saturday 4th August 1986 at the Heartbreak Hotel club, Ibiza, San Antonio, Spain, Jimmy played with a band under the name “SAFE SEX” with Jimmy Page on Guitar, Jason Bonham on Drums, Mike Thompson on Vocals and Dennis De Bass on, well,  bass. 

Play list:
01. Introduction / 02. My Girl Is Red Hot / 03. Slow Down / 04. I Just Wanna Make Love To You / 05. Tabacco Road / 06. Lisa Rich Metaphor / 07. Baby Please Don’t Go / 08. Drum Solo / 09. Baby Please Don’t Go / 10. Guitar Tuning / 11. White Summer Suite / 12. Heartbreak Hotel / 13. Money / 14. Announcement. 

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  1. What I’m curious about is how avance24 thinks he has any proprietary right to pictures taken of Jimmy Page, unless Jimmy granted those rights, which I sincerely doubt.

  2. Sorry avance24, the site has no contact with the Tarantura label. We just report on what’s being released and, unless one of our members purchases the labels releases, there’s no review copies. Personally, I’d be happy to see my photos used, even without my consent, but I see your point.

  3. Will you say hi to Tarantura and ask them to contact me about the use of my photos lifted from here:



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