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New Lennon release from HMC and more news

Along side the announcement of HMC’s MMT volume comes the announcement that the next Lennon set is ready for launch too.

“Holy Grails, Upgrades and Reconstructions Vol. 2” – another DVD / CD set features video material from John’s ‘Lost Weekend’ through the recording of ‘Walls and Bridges’ and the ‘Pussycats’ album recorded with Harry Nillson. This includes video outtakes set to audio outtakes (One of them new to collectors in a stereo state) along with some later era promos and vintage TV appearances along with a little oddity titled, ‘Un Jour Futur’.

The CD features the audio from HMC’s old release, ‘Come On, Listen To Me’ but this time upgraded in to stereo, reconfigured with the takes that weren’t on that CD, all in consequential order.

Meanwhile, while you’re holing your breath for that MMT DVD, watch this ..

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  1. Thanks for the update Stu. Looking forward to listening to these takes in stereo !

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