New Wings and Macca comps on Goldies and DAP

The Goldies label have recently produced a new version of the early Wings compilation, ‘One Hand Clapping’. Produced in 1974 and subsequently officially unreleased, the film and it’s soundtrack have been released numerous times previously, this time, Goldies have released a new remaster and complete reproduction of both the video (on DVD) and accompanying album (On CD).

Bonus footage on the DVD includes Paul’s appearance on ITV’s ‘This Is Your Life’ and existing clips from the also unreleased, ‘Backyard’ tape – as the 50th anniversary of all this footage approaches, it would be nice to hope that Paul might consider, at the very least, upping it to YouTube himself.

The DAP label have released two double CD sets of official promotional mixes from both the 70’s and 80’s that don’t already exist on CD.

Mono, extended, edited or remixed, these packages are full to the brim of rarities released around the world and will be a great accompaniment to your wooden ‘singles’ boxed set.

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