Paul McCartney – Bridge School Benefit 2004 (BS-01)

Bridge School Benefit 2004 (BS-01)

Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA – October 24th, 2004

Drive My Car, Till There Was You, In Spite Of All The Danger, Blackbird, Here Today, Follow Me, Only Love Can Break Your Heart (with Neil Young), Michelle, Yesterday, Get Back, Let It Be, Lady Madonna, Baby Face/Hey Jude

This is the first release of Paul McCartney’s set from the Bridge School Benefit from this past October (a second release came out last week as Acoustic Together).  The source for this release is from an excellent stereo DAT tape made very close to the stage.  Everything is very clear and enjoyable.

The set is very nice but predictable.  Beginning with “Drive My Car”, he plays through many Beatles tunes.  Some of the choices are very interesting like the very early song “Till There Was You” and “In Spite Of All The Danger”.  The latter, as Paul explains, was his very first recording and tells the humorous story about the recording session. 

He also plays the new song “Follow Me” (one of the first times in the States he explains).  The arrangement of “Michelle” includes the accordion which lends a “French” feel throughout.  The duet with Neil Young is great as is the finale “Hey Jude” when all the artists join Paul onstage.  As great as the set is, Paul’s voice is quite hoarse throughout and “Blackbird” is especially tough on his vocals.

The packaging is definite “no-frills” with very small pictures and the inserts printed on only one side.  It looks like someone made a tape of the show and rushed to release it.  It is also disappointing that Paul’s duet with Tony Bennett was included (although it is included in the new Acoustic Together).  However the sound quality and set is very enjoyable.

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