Paul McCartney – Things We Said In Denver (Audiofön AF 09)

Things We Said In Denver (Audiofön AF 09)

Pepsi Center, Denver, CO – November 1, 2005

(60:00):  Jam #1, Massage, Lady Madonna, Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Going On, Friends To Go, Friends To Go, The Midnight Special, Things We Said Today, Honey Don’t, Coming Up, Jam #2, All My Loving, C Moon, Jam #3, Matchbox, Jam #4

Things We Said In Denveris an hour long soundcheck before the November 1st show at the Pepsi Center in Denver.  Taken from the soundboard, it is a crystal clear and detailed professional recording with very nice balance and presence of all of the instruments in the mix.  There is applause between the tracks sounding very far away from the road crew (or whomever is there). 

It is rare for a soundcheck to be released, especially in this good quality.  Hearing McCartney and the band warming up is a pleasure as they are very laid back and getting ready for the evening’s gig.  The tape opens light five minute jam session before they get into the spaced-out “Massage.”  This is an experimental tune describing the sensations of receiving a nice massage which afterwards McCartney calls “a little bit if improv there, a flight of fantasy that is almost as good as a massage.  You feel yourself floating away with juniper oil.”

They play a great version of the newer song “Friends To Go” before it breaks down with McCartney asking:  “is the balance okay.  It sounds a bit hot up here…it just seemed a  bit hotter than earlier, but then we are a mile high.  The air is thinner, therefore the sound travels…fatter.”  While they start “Midnight Special” he tells the story of the legend that inspired the song which he did every show that night.  

The tour featured a great funked up version of “Coming Up,” one of McCartney’s best songs and they play it with the short “Peter Gunn Theme” interlude in the middle.  A short jam follows before McCartney tells the goofy story about “All My Loving,” saying it’s really about an old Jewish woman named Old Ma Leven, the renowned pickle maker.  He practices reiterating the joke afterwards to make sure everyone gets it. 

There is a short interluded afterwards where Rusty plays a bit of Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue” on guitar before McCartney tells the “C Moon” story.  The third jam is a much more polished number without lyrics and the tape ends with “Matchbox” and yet more jamming.  Things We Said In Denveris packaged in a standard jewel case with high quality inserts.  Given the rarity and the phenomenal sound quality, this is another sterling release on the great Audiofön label who have released the best Paul McCartney releases in the past couple years. 

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  1. the version of “Coming Up” on this title is one of my very favorites – i hadn’t heard the “Peter Gunn Theme” being used in the middle before so it was even better for being heard in superb soundboard quality. More please Audiofon!

  2. Good quality yes, but the sound check is totally shuffled with incorrect track order and between song banter.

  3. This release is stunning. The quality of the audio could not possibly get any better. I’m not sure how many other McCartney soundchecks circulate but none if any are as good a quality as this one. Well Done!!!!!


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