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 Thank you all for supporting our efforts.  It should go without saying but Collectors Music Reviews is NOT a catalog.  Nothing here is for sale nor do we know where to get them.  This is merely an academic discussion of these artifacts for our amusement.

You can now follow Collectors Music Reviews on Twitter.  Given the backlog of new release and other titles to be reviewed, this will be a way to give up-to-date impressions on them before we write the in-depth review that you all expect.   

Oftentimes moments of genius escape official detection.  Inspired or rare performances occur without the artist or the record label there to capture a moment which we fans want to hear.  Thankfully others have been there to capture the moment on tape and have been gracious enough to share.  

Legal and moral arguments are transcended by the artistic and historic merit of these recordings.  Pete Townshend himself expressed such thoughts about bootlegs when he says:

“I’d like to see it proliferate unchecked.  If we don’t, we may allow something wonderful to be nipped in the bud….  As an artist, what I think is important is that people listen to your work, and if you are properly rewarded for it, that’s the bonus.”  (New York Post, Sunday July 2, 2000)

There are many websites dedicated to a particular band.  Many websites will offer great information on Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, or the Rolling Stones.  But no other free website in the world offers the comprehensive and detailed analysis of live music for all artists as contained on this site. 

We are a group of passionate and dedicated fans, collectors, and writers who not only love to collect and listen to these releases, but also to write about them.  The articles contained on this page are part review, part commentary, part social history, part editorial opinion, and all interesting reading.  If you are as obsessive as we are, then get comfortable and plan on spending several hours pouring over these articles.  

Already there are more than a thousand articles in this database with more added daily.  Updates will of course focus on the latest releases, but there are many old releases that have never been mentioned nor reviewed online which deserve attention.

The amount of information contained in these pages is overwhelming.  We recommend the following:

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  6. Remember that this is what we do for fun.  We are not professionals.  You will find typoes, grammatical errors and factual mistakes from time to time.  If you find an error, just relax!  Send us an email and we’ll correct it. 



  1. Careful Axeman Eugene,
    I’ve not had much luck finding any CDs featuring alternates of “I Can See For Miles” but can point you in the direction of the Hiwatt DVD “Purple Hearts And Power Chords” – it features at least 4 variants of the track on there ( Primarily on Disk 2 )
    I hope this helps.

  2. Anyone possibly have available, or know anything that could help me find, a factory-pressed silver original of the radio broadcast of the David Gilmour show in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA on July 12th, 1984, esp. the 1CD “In Floyd We Trust!” (BM 054)? You can e-mail me at DLee122298[“at”]aol[“dot”]com. Thanks.

  3. Just a quick word about the sad news of the passing of a true legend. Jon lord who will be missed his contribution to the world of music is oustanding and beyond question. This is why it is so nice to have recordings of artists who are know longer with us, And to remember them by. R.I.P from a true fan of your work. Snakebyte

  4. Careful Axeman Eugene

    since the Who song I Can See for Miles has been said to be rarely performed live during the Keith Moon era, does anybody know of any decent live Who CD releases or shows that include I Can See for Miles w/ Moon on drums? if not, then maybe any studio versions (outtakes, demos, alternate mixes, etc.)? thanx to anybody who lets us know.

  5. Careful Axeman Eugene

    i realize some people really hate pro-CDR releases, but does anybody have or know of a discography for the pro-CDR label LEM that produces Pink Floyd-related titles? i’m especially curious about what LEM 013, 015, & 016 are because they’ve been a total mystery to me…even after trying to find them on the Internet. thanks much to anybody who can help

  6. By the way, there have been a few rare instances in which I have/had a cdr that was of better quality than a silver. I’ve gone ahead and purchased the silver anyway and have kept the cdr-but in the back of my mind, I know that it’s inevitable the cdr will deteriorate and will have the silver to listen to. (even if it hasn’t deteriorated, I’m still cringing as I put the disc in my player hoping this isn’t the time it does start to falter)
    By the same token, many times the silver labels discover that there is a better version available and will often press that version.

  7. I guess what I’m saying is-why bother purchasing a cdr at all? You could download any show, burn it to disc, and with a high quality printer, you can make your own artwork. You could probably even do a better job than such cheesy labels such as Cellar Dwellar, Alternative Edge or Hot Stuff.

  8. To say CDrs will never be the way is a bit like shutting the barn door after the event. If you have a choice then silvers are the way but if the source of a cdr is of better quality than a silver what do you then?. Do you buy the silver to spite your face also if you love a certain band and no silvers are being produced buy them??????.

  9. Anyone, such as Pookie, possibly have any Cream factory-pressed silver original audio-only CD’s (not DVD’s or any other video formats) that feature their farewell show(s) at the Royal Albert Hall in London, U.K. on Nov. 26th, 1968? I have the 1CD called “Three Wheels of Fire” on The Genuine Pig label (TGP-CD-126), but I’m looking for other versions, such as the 1CD called “Farewell Concert” on the Pigeon label (GIG-02), so if anyone, such as pookie, who may be able to help me in any way at all could let me know, it’ll be greatly appreciated – thanks.

  10. Sorry if it’s wrong to post this here, but anyone heard from LedMan since approx. mid-January? If no one has, then unfortunately it appears that he may have passed away, become hospitalized, or something similar of that type of nature. I haven’t gotten any replies to my e-mails to LedMan over the last several weeks.

  11. Sadly the majority of new releases these days are on CDR and DVDR’s as the silver releases continue to shrink from the vendors I buy from. There are a ton of excellent shows which will never make it onto silver CD so I would not mind seeing a special section for mini reviews which at least rate sound quality of CDR’s releases just so I can know which are good quality shows out there.

  12. Same here. Bought years back some FULL priced PRO CD-R’s from those fucking Japs and most of them are deteriorated after only 5-6 years.. And they are still offering them in large quantities at full rpice. It’s a shame! So NO pro-CD-R reviews here please!

  13. Amen Kads! Once the music on those cdrs start to deteriorate is when people will stop requesting reviews of shows on recordable media.
    As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve purchased my share of cdrs in the past and have had too many lose data, problems with 2 second gaps, etc. No more for this collector!

  14. “My only suggestion is regarding listing more pro cdr releases it looks as though this is the way things are going.”


  15. Regarding updating this site i would firstly like to say what a great site this is so informative. My only suggestion is regarding listing more pro cdr releases it looks as though this is the way things are going. A boot is a boot after all the material should out way the format.Keep Rocking and fine collecting to you all.

  16. I sent the altamont 1969 3cd and 1 dvdr on; hoping it went through; having glaucoma ut becomes tedious at times for my writing; i just hope i did not hit too many keyboard errors ha!

    ‘If Woodstock was the dream,Altamont was the nightmare
    40th Anniversary Special Edition.4 Disc Set -3cds and 1 DVDR
    Idol Mind-IMP-N-030

    Disc 1 (cd)
    01.PA Sound Check with Moog
    02.Opening Announcement
    05.Evil Ways
    07.The Other Side Of This Life
    08.Fat Angel
    10.White Rabbit
    11.Free Bird
    12.Ballad Of You&Me&Pooneil
    13.Six Days On The Road
    14.High Fashion Queen
    16.Lazy Day
    17.Black Queen
    18.Pre-Road Downs
    19.Long Time Gone
    20.Down By The River
    for the Rolling Stones
    DISC 2(cd)
    02.Jumping Jack Flash
    04.Sympathy For The Devil
    05.The Sun Is Shining
    06.Stray Cat Blues
    07.Love In Vain
    08.Under My Thumb
    09.Brown Sugar
    10.Midnight Rambler
    11.Live With Me
    12.Gimme Shelter
    DISC 3(cd)
    01.Little Queenie
    02.(I Can’t Get No)Satisfaction
    03.Honky Tonk Women
    04.Street Fighting Man
    05.MC by The Taper on Radio
    07.Jumping Jack Flash
    09.MC by The Taper on Radio
    10.Sympathy For The Devil
    11.Evil Ways
    12.Jumping Jack Flash
    14.Mick Jagger Live MC
    15.Sympathy For The Devil
    DISC 4 (DVD)
    01.IMP State
    03.The Altamont Venue
    04.CSN&Y Live Scene
    05. The Stones Live Scene
    altamony weekend
    06.IMP State
    07.Opening MC
    08.Jumping Jack Flash
    09. Carol
    10.Let’s Get Together
    12.Evil Ways
    13.Carol 14.Mick Jagger Live MC
    15.Sympathy For The Devil
    16.Report & Interviews
    17.Enfing MC
    18.Let’s Get Together


    This historic show begins with a moog synthesizer for soundcheck; then sam cutler thanking all the organizers for their tireless work to make this show possible; Santana opens with Savor heavy on keyboard tones and percussion; next is Jingo which shows the band in a good groove with Evil Ways following which is cut due to the crowd and the Hell’s Angels scuffling under the influence of acid mayhem; which builds during this concert. Jefferson Airplane follow woth The other Side of this Life with a nice harmony blend between grace slick,paul kantner and marty balin 3/5 of a mile is next with some nice bass runs by jack cassidy; greasy heart follows incorrectly listed as fat angel with a very tight rhythm groove and Jorma playing a solid lead; the angels and marty balin get into it during this time frame with balin being knocked out;order seems to be restored during white rabbit the trippy song accentuated by Grace’s smooth rendering of it; the Airplane set ends with Free Bird and a great groove on You&Me&Pooneil. The Flying Burrito Brothers follow with a nice laid back set of the country rock flavored tunes Six Days on the Road,High Fashion QueenCody Cody and the uptempo boogie number Lazy Day. Crosby, Stills,Nash&Young follow the Burrito set with Stephen Stills penned track Black Queen with some nice lead work by Stills; pre road downs is the next tune with some nice guitar interplay between stills & Neil Young with Graham Nash & David Crosby interwined on vocals with Stills gruff tones. Down By the River ends their pleasant set rather peacefully. As the Rolling Stones appear on stage Sam Cutler politely asks the Hell’s Angel’s to get off the stage; Cutler introduces the band followed by Mick Jagger saying “It’s so good to see you all” to the massive audience; Jumping Jack Flash opens with a rather sluggish beginning; the band picks it up with Carol & Sympathy for the Devil showcasing the newest Stone, Mick Taylor who had replaced the departed Brian Jones. Jagger imploring the crowd as the band stops during Sympathy for the Devil as the acid fused crowd and the Hell’s Angels, ripped out of their gords continue to scuffle; they resume finishing sympathy and the sun is shing begins with more mayhem in the crowd; a very pleasant Stray Cat Blues follows with love in vain next with Mick Taylor playing some very nice chops. Under my thumb is reportedly where the young black man Mereduth Hunter is killed and the band stops during under my thumb;Jagger unable to control the crowd looking more comical than menacing in his “Devil outfit” Cape and all ; Keith and an an angel about to come to blows,as the Angels seem to be so acid fueled they work several people in the crowd over with pool cues. Brown Sugar is next; with what i believe is it’s debut, pleasant good rgyth between Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts; Midnight Rambler follows which Jagger introduces as “A new one; which we hope yoi will dig” Some superb bass lines betweem Keith & Mick Taylor’s guitar interplay.Disc two ends with highly charged rockers Live With Me and Gimme Shelter.
    Disc three starts with some more Jagger chat as to everyone needs to chill prior to the old Chuck Berry rocker Little Queenie.Satisfaction,Honkey Tonk Women and Street Fighting Man end the show on an ominous note as the Stones escape into the chilled california night. The bonus tracks are from a taper that was put on the radio with various tracks from the stones,santana,flying burrito brothers to conclude disc three. The DVDR subtiltled in Japanese is a commentary of an englishman narrating his journey into the United States to see the beach boys & the blonde haired babes on california beaches; following is a commentary with photos of the event and a desvription of the mayhem that transpired on this eventful day; the closing of the sixties on a note far from rhe peace & love generation with still photos as the various artists SantanamCSN&Y,Stones, Jefferson Airplane music is played. A rather mediocre DVDR as it is; although the summerization o f that day’s events is accurate.
    All in all the sound is superb for the Stones show, with the Airplane.Santana,Flying Burrito Brothers having superb sound as well. Recommened for the historian as well as those who dig these particular bands.

  18. ‘California ‘69′ on the Lemon Song label has been upgraded by Empress Valley and Scorpio labels. For those that don’t know about these releases, they cover the January 12, 1969 Fillmore West show. It’s not a great recording on either of these titles however quite listenable considering the limited recording equipment available in 1969. “Lemon Song” releases are indeed of Japanese origin and I rarely see them being offered these days. I have no idea how many copies were pressed however there are completest like myself who have to have everything regardless if there’s upgrades available

  19. Thanks for the information you are right about ebay certain words do bring up warnings about certain cds. Thanks again Keep rocking good collecting to you all.

  20. (depends how you word them!)

  21. According to the Illustrated Collector’s Guide To Led Zeppelin (CD Edition Volume Two) by Robert Godwin, there is no mention of it being rare; but that doesn’t mean it’s not. I’ve never seen it during all my years of collecting. I’m sure it would fetch quite a few bucks on Ebay, but of course, most unauthorized live Zep gets shut down on Ebay pretty quickly.

  22. I have a Led Zeppelin cd titled ‘California ’69’ on the Lemon Song label. I know it is Japanese in origin. Can anyone shed any light on this cd as to how many were made and whether it is a rare item? I have been unable to find very much information on this cd and would be grateful for your assistance.
    Do you think it is worth anything in today’s market?

  23. Thank you Careful Axeman Eugene and eric99 for the information. I think Sleeve Town is the winner…

  24. lug_nutz, supermediastore.com.
    They have everything, everything!

  25. Careful Axeman Eugene

    to lug_nutz6, as for the kind of slim double cd jewel cases that you need, dlee recommended to me a few years ago sleeve city or sleeve town of memphis, tennessee, as they have the exact kind you want…..


  26. I wasn’t sure where to post this question… Does anybody have an online inexpensive source for CD jewel cases? In particular I am looking for slim (not the fat boy type) double jewel cases with hinges on the center tray the hold the discs. Where the center part that is actually two prices. The part that is ‘connected’ to the case stays still so the tray inlay artwork doesn’t doesn’t get damaged.

  27. A very informative site the information provided here is most welcome.It is a minefield out there guidance on a particular cd is vital to avoid endless head scratching and hair loss great site. KEEP ROCKING from a serious and fanatical music collector.

  28. The master is too modest – yes I noticed that these were oldies but some times it is worthwhile to look back! Thanks again!

  29. Hi TJS. The series of reviews for Zeppelin et al on 4/5 to 4/7 are old reviews just reposted. They were lost while doing maintanence. I decided to just post them as new instead of figuring out where to backstamp them.

    It is nice to revisit these old articles though.

  30. Once again a stunning series of new reviews for Led Zeppelin on 4/7/10 – wow, what an effort! Thanks!

  31. absolutely brillaint website. Very informative and highly reccommended.

    p.s;- is there anyone out there that can do a review of the Whitesnake- Stormbringer Tarantura?
    many thanks if you can!!

  32. zachzach@rogers.com

    great site love the zep stuff

  33. It’s a great site!
    More Bowie please and is it possible to include more artwork and even images of the discs themselves?
    And always happy to read reviews of older releases as well as the new stuff. Keep up the good work and thanks.

  34. Fantastic bits here, thanks for the great work!

  35. I love this site, many great reviews Love the Floyd section on Sirene and Sigma. I am scrambling to buy these labels where ever I can. Pay way too much from predatorialy sellers, which leads me to my question. I don’t know if this is taboo or what ever but could someone help me find a place to buy these labels of Floyd? I am just a collector and never plan to sell anything. Would someone give me a heads up somehow or another? Thanks in advance.

  36. Hello and Season’s greetings! This site is simply awesome and to be honest that is an understatement. I usually purchase a silver cd once it gets reviewed here. I am a hardcore Zeppelin collector and was wondering if someone could review Scorpio’s “Go West, Young Man”. Thanks and happy new year to all!

  37. Hello and Seasons Greetings! Thank-you so much for this invaluable site!! I have found this to be a wealth of information, which no collector should be without! Keep it up! I will send a small donation, and continue to donate whenever I can. Again, THANK-YOU!!!

  38. Everything you need is here. The best web site for rarities and collectors. Rock And Roll ! Thank you !

  39. Most excellent site. To the main reviewer especially – hats off.

  40. I have been collecting, buying, and trading since 1979 and this is by far the best resource I have ever encountered. If you’re here, you are part of the community and join in.

  41. I am always amazed when people give up their valuable time for the benefit of a mostly unappreciative public. Good on you for maintaining such a rich, varied and frankly wonderful site. In the words of Neil Young “long may you run.”

  42. Cloudyhours, log in or register (it’s free), go to the artist column on the left, click on Jeff Beck, and you will find it and some others there.

  43. Excellent site. Does anyone know if the Mid Valley Jeff Beck Ronnie Scott’s DVD is out yet

  44. Truly an invaluable source of information here and absolutely fascinating to read daily.

    I hope to contribute some useful commentary myself over time too!

    Cheers! I cannot thank you all enough!

  45. screwysquirrel123

    This is the site I have been looking for!!!
    Thanks & keep up the good work!!!

  46. A really good site. I can easily recommended it as a long-time collector and music connosieur.


  47. Good question, Randy. We don’t have a Page & Plant section yet because there haven’t been any Page & Plant reviews written. If anyone has a nice collection they would like to review, please send them in and we’ll post them.

  48. Just wondering if I wanted to get reviews and info of Page & Plant titles where would I go.Thanks Randy

  49. The first port of call for all enquiries. This objective & informative site is proving indispensible in navigating the murky waters of collecting

  50. This GREAT page is the ULTIMATE page for collectors and fans of collector’s music.

    Believe me, I’ve collected since 1980.


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