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 Thank you all for supporting our efforts.  It should go without saying but Collectors Music Reviews is NOT a catalog.  Nothing here is for sale nor do we know where to get them.  This is merely an academic discussion of these artifacts for our amusement.

You can now follow Collectors Music Reviews on Twitter.  Given the backlog of new release and other titles to be reviewed, this will be a way to give up-to-date impressions on them before we write the in-depth review that you all expect.   

Oftentimes moments of genius escape official detection.  Inspired or rare performances occur without the artist or the record label there to capture a moment which we fans want to hear.  Thankfully others have been there to capture the moment on tape and have been gracious enough to share.  

Legal and moral arguments are transcended by the artistic and historic merit of these recordings.  Pete Townshend himself expressed such thoughts about bootlegs when he says:

“I’d like to see it proliferate unchecked.  If we don’t, we may allow something wonderful to be nipped in the bud….  As an artist, what I think is important is that people listen to your work, and if you are properly rewarded for it, that’s the bonus.”  (New York Post, Sunday July 2, 2000)

There are many websites dedicated to a particular band.  Many websites will offer great information on Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, or the Rolling Stones.  But no other free website in the world offers the comprehensive and detailed analysis of live music for all artists as contained on this site. 

We are a group of passionate and dedicated fans, collectors, and writers who not only love to collect and listen to these releases, but also to write about them.  The articles contained on this page are part review, part commentary, part social history, part editorial opinion, and all interesting reading.  If you are as obsessive as we are, then get comfortable and plan on spending several hours pouring over these articles.  

Already there are more than a thousand articles in this database with more added daily.  Updates will of course focus on the latest releases, but there are many old releases that have never been mentioned nor reviewed online which deserve attention.

The amount of information contained in these pages is overwhelming.  We recommend the following:

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  1. Careful Axeman Eugene

    anybody have any of the following (available) on pressed silver original CD(s) (except for Nos. 2 & 5, which were released as pro-CDR titles only), or at least know where or how I can currently find any of these, or could get any of these for me?….

    1. Deep Purple 1CD “RITCHIE’S LAST” (Darker Than Blue 002)
    2. Roger Waters 1-pro-CDR “SOUNDBOARD KAOS” (Ayanami-058)
    3. Deep Purple 2CD “2ND NIGHT OF RIZ” (Demon’s Eye DE-010-11)
    4. Deep Purple 2CD “PURPLE BLITZ” (Demon’s Eye DE-036/037)
    5. Roger Waters 3-pro-CDR “PROJECT KAOS” (LEM 031)
    6. Deep Purple 3CD “AUTUMN OF 1971” (Bondage 247/8/9)
    7. Deep Purple 2CD “TORONTO (7.2.71)” (DP label)

    thanx. you can email me at xyzXYZee “at” aol “dot” com. thankx

    • Careful Axeman Eugene

      here are a couple more that i’m now also looking for…..

      8. Deep Purple 2CD “RAT BAT PURPLE”

    • Careful Axeman Eugene

      …..and now here are a couple more that i’m now also looking for…..

      10. Deep Purple 1CD “STUTTGART 2.16/17.72” (DP label)
      11. Deep Purple 2CD “MACHINE HEAD” (quadraphonic – QuadraDisc label)

      and I’m still looking for all the other titles that I’ve listed…except for #6 (Deep Purple 3CD “AUTUMN OF 1971” (Bondage 247/8/9)) and #7 (Deep Purple 2CD “TORONTO (7.2.71)” (DP label)), both of which I’ve recently managed to find & acquire. you can email me at xyzXYZee “at” aol “dot” com. thanx

  2. Axeman… check out this Mid Valley title for material from Clapton’s first three solo records. Gerard reviewed it here.

    Eric Clapton – The Lost Polydor Tapes “Archives Pathfinder” (Mid Valley 105/106/107/108/109/110)

    • Careful Axeman Eugene

      thanks, wgpsec. doesn’t anybody know of any good Deep Purple CD titles of studio material, esp. their Mk. II lineup? i got the 1CD “Never, Never Before” on the Starquake label (SQ-01) a few months ago, and it’s freaking awesome! does anybody else also have it, and agree how great it is? i love it so much that it has inspired me to get more Deep Purple studio material, esp. Mk. II, and any suggestions whatsoever would be very appreciated…thankx

  3. Careful Axeman Eugene

    (and) anybody know of any good pressed silver CD titles that are compilations of studio material (rarities, outtakes, demos, alt. versions, remixes, etc.) of Eric Clapton’s solo career, esp. in the ‘70’s & ‘80’s, other than the 4CD “Further on up the Crossroads”? thanx to anybody who could recommend what we should try to get

  4. Careful Axeman Eugene

    anybody know of any good pressed silver CD titles that are compilations of studio material (rarities, outtakes, demos, alt. versions, remixes, etc.) of Deep Purple, esp. their Mk. II lineup, other than the 1CD “Never Never Before” (Starquake label)? how about the 1CD “Purplemania!” (Burning Machine Heads label)? thanx to anybody who could recommend what we should try to get

  5. Ok, so which one of you is Paperprog??

  6. “ERROR 403″ happened to me last week, I’ve no problem today.

  7. Same problem as ‘Careful’ when logging out: “ERROR 403”. Could the webmaster take a look at this?

  8. Actually I can’t log in on my Asus Android tablet for some reason? I get an error message.

  9. Careful Axeman Eugene

    i’ve noticed a definite, major improvement in the speed of page-loading here several days ago, so i guess it was a very good idea for me to bring up the issue on Oct. 15th. however, ever since the major upgrade in speed, i’ve been completely unable to log out of this great site…i always just get an error page, and then when i return the next night, i always find my account already logged in. so thanx very much to this great site’s administrators for the big speed upgrade, but could any of them please help me with my logging out problem? thanx. am i the only one, or is anybody else also unable to log out?

  10. Very cool website that archives web pages so you can find websites which are no longer supported. Lots of good info gets lost when music fans stop maintaining their websites and this Archive website may have a snap shot of an old website you used to love to visit but thought was lost forever.

    Here is an old Stones site I used to visit which is now gone.


  11. I have experienced the same issues. Pages load very slow and this weeks update took me about an hour or so. I will see what I can find out. (At least I know that it’s not just my ancient PC)

  12. they’re probably ordering a new bath of orange suits before rounding us up

  13. God only know what data the NSA is gathering off us from this site.

  14. Same problems here: very slow

  15. Careful Axeman Eugene

    is it just my PC, or does anybody else here also experience the same maddening frustrations of most, if not all, of the pages of this site often being very slow to load? the content of this site is excellent, but sometimes, like earlier tonight, a page here takes up to well more than a full minute to load…sometimes well more than 2 or 3 minutes! very, very frustrating. i’ve tried both Mozilla Firefox (the latest updated version) & Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, but i’ve experienced the problems with both. was this issue ever brought to the attention of the late Gerard Sparaco or any of the other administrators, and did they ever try to do anything about it? thanx to anybody who could let us know

  16. @Careful Axeman; Cellar Dweller is a CDR label from a retailer who is also a big silver retailer. I believe the CDR label fronts CDs that are out of print or, like some Japanese CDRs, are issued for runs of a dedicated interest not the Rock ‘n’ Roll dinosaurs.

  17. @careful axeman; there’s a “report this seller”-button available at all auction sites at ebay. Maybe you have to be logged in to see it. You could also “report” your last purchase to ebay ( “resolve a problem” ).

  18. Careful Axeman Eugene

    could anybody tell me how to go about reporting a lowlife scum of a bootleg seller on Ebay who lives in the Netherlands to the proper authorities (for selling boots, which turn out to be CDRs), and maybe to Ebay as well? thanx

  19. Careful Axeman Eugene

    anybody know whether or not there are any studio demos, outtakes, alternate versions/mixes, etc. of the following Doors songs of 1967 that exist on pressed silver original CD releases?….

    1. Break on Through (to the Other Side)
    2. Soul Kitchen
    3. Twentieth Century Fox
    4. You’re Lost, Little Girl

    i’ve already tried searching the Internet myself, but so far i haven’t been able to find any, so any help would be appreciated

  20. Careful Axeman Eugene

    anybody know if the label Cellar Dweller has ever released any pressed silver original CD titles, or are they just a CDR-only label? if the latter, then are they a commercially legit pro-CDR label like Amity or LEM, or are they just a cheesy DIY amateur operation? thanks to anybody who could kindly inform us

  21. There is not alot of Allman Brothers outakes out there on silver althjough some do circulate among traders. there is a forth coming deluxe remaster of Brothers and Sisters that is supposed to have a disc of bonus material as well as the September 1973 Winterland show, something that I am looking much forward too.

  22. Careful Axeman Eugene

    …..or how about the Allman Bros. Band (for studio compilations)? thankx

  23. Careful Axeman Eugene

    anybody know of great full career-length compilations of studio material (rarities, outtakes, demos, alt. versions, remixes, etc.) that they could strongly recommend for Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Grateful Dead, the Kinks, or Deep Purple? thanx to anybody who could make any good suggestions

  24. Careful Axeman Eugene

    so nobody knows anything about “Reverse G” vs. “Everyday We Play the Blues” for Derek and the Dominos in Cincinnati (1970)?

  25. Careful Axeman Eugene

    thanx, relayer67. we managed to get the Doors 1CD “A Scandinavian Prayer”, which was released by Explorer Records in 2007 (ER 0107) and claims to have been “re-mastered from the original reels”. anybody familiar with it? it sounds great, but does anybody possibly know of any other version of the Doors Stockholm ’68 show that’s definitely better? also, anybody know of any version of the Doors Miami ’69 show that’s noticeably superior to the 1CD “Liquid Night” on the Screaming Butterfly label, which we got just a couple weeks ago? thankx for any replies

  26. I do not beleive either the Miami or the Stockholm shows have been upgraded on silver for some time. The masterclone for the late show in Stockholm sufaced a few years back that is a nice upgrade but do not beleive it was booted. I think the old Swinging Pig title for stockholm is still the only version of both early and late shows. A comprehensive Doors Box set would be a very welcome

  27. Careful Axeman Eugene

    if nobody can help us with the Doors Miami ’69 show, then how about the Doors 9/20/1968 shows in Stockholm, Sweden? what are the very best versions? and the very worst versions to avoid? we esp. want the show that has both “You’re Lost, Little Girl” and “Wild Child”, whether that’s the early or late show, as there seems to be some confusion as to which is which. thanx to anybody who could try to help us

  28. Careful Axeman Eugene

    what are the very best versions of the Doors infamous 3/1/1969 show in Miami, Florida (USA) for which Jim Morrison was convicted of exposing himself? and what are very worst versions to avoid? thanks to anybody who could helpfully let us know

  29. Careful Axeman Eugene

    anybody know how Mid Valley’s “Reverse G” 2CD version of the Derek & the Dominos 11/26/1970 show in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) compares to the Hiwatt label’s “Everyday We Play the Blues” 2CD digi-pack version? there’s one website that claims that Hiwatt’s version is a little better, but another site has Mid Valley’s version rated substantially higher. we already have the Hiwatt version, and like it, but we’re wondering if the Mid Valley version may be worth pursuing as a possible upgrade, so thanks to anybody who could kindly inform us

  30. Careful Axeman Eugene

    anybody familar with the pro-CDR label Ace of Spades, who have released many Roger Waters titles of his live Wall shows the last few years? are they a legit pro-CDR label like Amity or LEM? and BTW, what does “LEM” stand for? or is Ace of Spades just a cheesy DIY amateur operation? if I order an Ace of Spades CDR title, how would I be able to tell whether it’s a legit original pro-CDR that’s a true commercial release or just a non-commercial piece of crud done by some DIY amateur or amateurs? thanks to anybody who could help me, or at least try to

  31. As many of you are finding out the sad news is true, our Friend Gerard Sparaco has passed away. Like many of you I started reading his reviews and comments on the Underground Uprising site and was elated when he began this site, a place where collectors can go and read about new releases in an open forum. He gave me the chance to contribute and supported me through his possitive feedback with each new review. My condolances go out to his family and he will certainly be very missed.

  32. Yes, this is true and I am very sorry saying this to everyone.

  33. Looks like it is, classicrawker, just googled it. So very sad, my thoughts are with Mr. Sparaco’s loved ones.

  34. Sorry to hear of your health issues DLee. I always enjoyed your posts so I wish you the best.

    Also heard an unconfirmd rumour that the owner of this site ourown G. Sparaco has passed away is this true?

  35. Very sorry to hear of your departure DLee and sorry to hear of your condition. Your contributions to the site have been appreciated still and will be missed. Take care.

  36. PS – please don’t e-mail me, as I likely won’t be able to reply to it – let alone just open & read it.

  37. I just want to say to most everyone here what’s likely a final goodbye, as this may very well be the final time that I ever bother or annoy anyone here (again), as I’ve had very serious/severe health problems for many years that have taken a very bad turn for the worst recently – I may have only several or so more days to live. Thanks very much for everything, & I wish you nothing but the best for the future. I apologize very much (very sorry) for all the annoyances, etc., etc. I tried to help out as much as I reasonably could whenever I was able to, but unfortunately my presence here had become unwelcome a long time ago, and I should have departed way back then. As I did a couple previous times a few years ago, I do have a couple/few rare P. Floyd-related recordings that Godfatherecords (sic) may be interested in, but most likely I will be unable to get them passed on to the Godfather or anyone else, very unfortunately. Anyway, again, thanks & best wishes. Goodbye.

  38. Anyone, besides me, seen the King Crimson LTIA box set??? It’s got a very Godfather kinda vibe to it.

  39. OK, then by any chance does anyone have the complete Roger Waters live show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA on Nov. 13th, 1987, either as a 3-pro-CDR (apparently it doesn’t exist on factory-pressed original silver, unfortunately) or in any lossless audio file formats, such as FLAC or SHN? I don’t necessarily want to buy it/them or trade for it/them (at least not yet), but anyone at least have it/them? Thanks to anyone who could just let me know. You can e-mail me at DLee122298[“at”]aol[“dot”]com

  40. I don’t know DLee? but there are so many I am guessing they are MP3 format to save space.

  41. OK, then how about any recordings of Roger Waters live shows of his 1987 Radio KAOS tour that are at least decent in quality, other than the Quebec 1987-11-07 radio broadcast? I may even be willing to settle for pro-CDR’s if nothing on factory-pressed original silver has ever been released. Thanks.

  42. Classicrawker, are those live shows at/on http://tela.sugarmegs.org/alpha/Nu.html in lossless format? Thanks.

  43. Check out this website with thousands ofstreaming live shows


  44. If there aren’t any more such superb boot recordings of Roger Waters live, then how about David Gilmour live, other than the ones reviewed on this excellent site (CMR) & other than the radio broadcast of Gilmour’s July 12th, 1984 show in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA, which I finally managed to obtain on original silver a couple weeks ago? Thanks.

  45. Anyone know of any radio broadcasts, soundboards, or superb-quality audience recordings of Roger Waters shows other than the ones reviewed on this excellent site (CMR), other than the radio broadcast of his Nov. 7th, 1987 show in Quebec, Canada, which I eventually managed to acquire a few months ago, & other than those from his live Wall tour(s) of 2010-12? And maybe especially those from his “Radio KAOS” tour(s) in the late ’80’s, since I seem to remember at least 1 other superb-quality boot-recorded “Radio KAOS” show listed on the late Wojtek’s Floyd boot site, which I personally thought was the very best Floyd boot site ever & very fortunately managed to remain online even many months after Wojtek’s tragic passing away due to an illness a few years ago, but very unfortunately became defunct, apparently, sometime in early 2012. Thanks.

  46. On that subject, I Had Aerosmith ‘Texxas Jam’ (Pigeon Gig-08), and still have Deep Purple ‘Machine Head Live’ (Pigeon Gig-07). Each was lifted from the Japanese laserdisc release, so they do not necessarily have the correct running-order (ie, it follows the LD) or full LD soundtrack (CD timing-constraints), but the sound itself was excellent. Packaging was horrible, and I am pleased things have moved along, but I was always pleased with my Pigeon CDs.

  47. A few weeks ago, I finally managed to get a factory-pressed silver original of the Cream 1CD “Farewell Concert” on/by the Japanese label Pigeon (GIG-02), and although it took me well over a year, maybe even over 2 years to find it, it was very much worth the very long wait! WOW – It sounds much much better than I expected it to, considering the relatively poor sound quality rating it had been given, and Cream’s final, farewell performance was great. Very highly recommended, but unfortunately nearly impossible to find, apparently, as it seems that it’s hard enough even just to find info on the ‘Net for just about all of the 15 releases in the Pigeon Live Series – let alone actually finding an actual CD of one.

  48. relayer67,
    Thanks for the link. Thats one fascinating article.

  49. Here is link to an article on the Greatful Dead tape archive, found it quite interesting http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/11/26/121126fa_fact_paumgarten?currentPage=all

  50. Careful Axeman Eugene

    Stuart, thank u for that info…i’ll check it out

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