New Misterclaudel!!

Hot on the heels of The Biggest Attraction In The Whole World, Wanderlust is re-releasing the DVD.  This comes from a better transfer (the one he should have used in the first place) and converted to the inferior NTSC format.  In yet another attempt to hose collectors of their money, there is no word yet if Wanderlust will offer this to those who spent money on the older title.  As Joe Pesci says in Casino, “Always the dollars. Always the fuckin’ dollars.”   

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  1. Along with worring about the degradation of picture quality, Wanderlust should also worry about degradation of respect from collectors with a rip off such as this.

  2. The reviewer, clearly has issues with the label and subsequently is not reporting the true picture.

    Misterclaudel , I am sure would have released this upgrade if it was available to them at he time, it was NOT. Yes they do reissue tweaked material, a previous release even acknowledged the collectors label they copied from.

    Original source was PAL NOT NTSC , so there will be degradation of the image.

    Whilst I agree this is bad news , you have to remember that the label is Japanese and that they releasing for their domestic market which uses the NTSC format.

    Time will tell if it is a worthy release, hopefully a European label will release this without conversion.


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