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New triple Kiss CD on Rocket Ride Records

Rocket Ride Records most expansive release has been announced, ‘Smashing Glass At Donington’ features 2 different shows from 1988.


The set begins with a warm up show at the Marquee Club, London on the 16th of August, we then have two different sources for the Donington Castle gig – the first an FM broadcast from the BBC on their ‘Friday Rock Show’ slot (When the BEEB was still as disparate a broadcaster as the next), the second recording, presumably an audience tape with extra tracks not included on the radio.


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  1. The Rocket Ride Records label is really treating KISS collectors. MSG ’90, Avignon ’80, Houston ’85, Basel ’83, Oklahoma ’77 and Donington ’88 already out and next up is a 4CD set of ’76 shows from Gothenburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Lund.

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