Page & Plant – The Fourth Show At The Famous Old Building (Real Dragon RD-021/022)

The Fourth Show At The Famous Old Building (Real Dragon RD-021/22)

Budokan, Tokyo, Japan – February 9th, 1996

Disc 1 (70:48):  The Rain Song, No Quarter, Babe I’m Gonna Leave You / Stairway To Heaven tease, Immigrant Song intro / The Wanton Song, Heartbreaker, Ramble On / What Is And What Should Never Be, Nigel Eaton’s hurdy-gurdy solo, Gallow’s Pole, Whole Lotta Love (Jimmy’s theremin session / Spoonful / Break On Through / Dazed And Confused), Tea For One

Disc 2 (57:00):  Dancing Days, Yallah, Four Sticks, Egyptian Pharaohs, In The Evening including Carouselambla, Kashmir, Out On The Tiles intro / Black Dog / In My Time Of Dying tease, Rock And Roll

Page & Plant brought the Unledded show to Japan early in 1996, playing six shows in the Budokan.  All of the shows were taped by different tapers in the audience and several sources have been pressed on many and various titles.  Two popular ones include the four disc set Celebrating Third And Fourth Days (The Symbols) and the massive 10 Days Final Edition, a twenty disc set with the complete Japan tour on the Hoochie Coochie label. 

Real Dragon were an ad hoc label established to release the shows utilizing excellent DAT recordings.  They are responsible for the Famous Old Building series and Two Days In Osaka

The Fourth Show At The Famous Old Building is an excellent, atmospheric audience recording of one of the more interesting shows on theUnledded tour.  Instead of the middle eastern opening tape and the crashing “Wanton Song,” they begin with the mellow “The Rain Song,” “No Quarter” and “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You.” 

“Whole Lotta Love” includes Cream’s “Spoonful” in addition to “Break On Through” and “Dazed And Confused.”  And afterwards they play “Tea For One” for the second time.  This attempt is much more successful than the previous evening.  The latter half of the set is dominated by the Egyptian Pharaohs’ in “Dancing Days” through the finale “Kashmir.”

The Fourth Show At The Famous Old Building is a very good release.  It is packaged in a double slimline jewel case with very basic artwork containing a small picture from the show.  All of the Real Dragon titles are very good to have but are very hard to find these days.    

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  1. I would NEVER part with my Real Dragon collection and I remember when I bought my first release I thought and still think that the sources used are some of the best AUD recordings I’ve ever heard. This taper basically picked up every little detail and in amazing quality. Wouldn’t surprise me if “JP” has these releases in his collection.

    Top that off with some rare Zep tunes and some unusual setlist choices such as this one beginning with “The Rain Song”.

    Anyone just discovering the Page & Plant tours should add this to their collection if you can find it. The New Orleans 98 SB source is another essential P&P show to have!!


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