Pink Floyd – A Total Zabriskie Point Of View – The Complete Collection (The Godfatherecords G.R.885/886)


A Total Zabriskie Point Of View – The Complete Collection (The Godfatherecords G.R.885/886)

Disc 1 (79:21) 370 Roman Yards – The Lost Album (40:10); Heart Beat Pig Meat, Country Song, Fingal’s Cave, Crumbling Land, Alan’s Blues, Oenone, Rain In The Country, Come In Number 51 Your Time Is Up. The Extension – The Main Outtakes (39:10); The Violent Sequence, Country Song Theme (band), Country Song (acoustic), Take Off (version II), Love Scene 1 (organ & piano), Love Scene 3 (band), Love Scene 4 (piano & vibes), Love Scene 5 (double vibes)

Disc 2 (76:55) Other Outtakes; Country Song (full mix), The Violent Sequence (Us and Them Rick’s demo), Take Off (version III) and Crumbling Land (film version), Crumbling Land (full mix), Love Scene 6 (The Blues), Love Scene 6 (The Blues – full mix), Love Scene 2 (Oenone – full mix), Love Scene 4 (piano only), Rain In The Country (unknown song-alternate version), Rain In The Country (Unknown Song-full mix). A Special Outtake: The Christmas Song. Official Soundtrack Version; Crumbling Land (soundtrack edited version). Film Versions; Heartbeat Pig Meat (film version), CrumblingLand (film version), Come In Number 51 Your Time Is Up (film version), Come In Number 51 Your Time Is Up (Movie Trailer version)

Godfathers latest Pink Floyd release documents the band’s work in late 1969 on Filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni’s film Zabriskie Point, He was of course best know for his cult hit Blow Up and serious music fans know of this for one main reason, it has footage of the Yardbirds with both Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. He hired the band based upon their latest record, Ummagumma and its live version of “Careful With That Axe, Eugene”. While they recorded enough music for the movie, Antonioni decided to use just three songs from the Floyd on the soundtrack and flushed it out with other artist such as Jerry Garcia and The Kaleidoscope among others. Slowly the unused material started leaking out and there are numerous releases containing this material, earliest on vinyl as Omayyad (TMOQ 71040 PF 515 – 1830) and compact disc as The Complete Zabriskie Point Sessions (East Records), A Journey Through Time And Space (HC-012-1/2) and most recently as A Total Zabriskie Point Of View (Last Scream Zabriskie – 69A/B) released in 2011. The latter release was considered to be the most complete document of this material, this new release from Godfather is most similar to that release and while there is nothing new to be found on this new release, the track listing is consistent for both titles save for Disc 1 has the two “Country Song Theme’s” before “Take Off” and disc times vary only a few seconds and after repeated listenings I did find the sound quality on both to be similar throughout. What Godfather does however, is what should have been done with that release in the first place; give collectors a plethora of liner notes documenting the sources used to make up this collection. I for one am a collector who likes this information when it comes to studio material, the more the better.

The material is quite interesting, the many takes of “Country Song” are great, I love Dave’s vocals, the full mix version on CD2 is my favorite. The Blues takes of “The Love Theme” on the same disc shows the band stretching out on the blues, something that was common place for the band in their live performance. “The Love Theme” on disc 2 titled “Oenone” Full mix sounds similar to “Set The Controls” and has a sex interlude mimed by Dave And Roger with hilarious results, perhaps the most interesting outtake of them all. It was well documented that the band spent a considerable amount of time drinking prior to these sessions and this is a wonderful example of it! Thankfully we have an excellent review on this sight from Gerard Sparaco, one that I read many times while listening to the Last Scream title.

The sound quality is excellent throughout and the 12 page booklet gives an explanation of each track and its source as well as a collage of pictures from the movie itself. The tri-gatefold sleeve has accurate liner notes giving detailed synopses of the events surrounding The Floyd’s involvement with the picture. All in all a very nice set from The Don that is certainly recommended for collectors who do not have this material in their collection, or ones who relish in the attention to detail that a Godfather release is know for.

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  1. A marvelous release and a must have for all collectors young and old.

  2. excellent review, i posted my opinion some weeks ago on this release ( few days after announcement) after having located a copy on ebay: the booklet is worth the price itself!


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