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Pink Floyd – Have A Cigar (Cannonball CA-2004015/16)

Have A Cigar (Cannonball CA-2004015/16)

Boston Gardens, Boston MA – June 27th, 1977

Disc 1 (51:40):  Sheep, Pigs On The Wing (part 1), Dogs, Pigs On The Wing (part 2), Pigs (three different ones).

Disc 2 (70:31):  Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 1-5), Welcome To The Machine, Have A Cigar, Wish You Were Here, Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 6-9), Money, Us & Them

There have been many releases coming out of the east documenting tapes from Pink Floyd’s In The Flesh tour, this being the fourth release in the past month (Pigs Fly Over America, Welcome To The Machine and Racial Violence being the other three).  It is indeed a classic tour and the last time that the band truly toured the United States and Have A Cigar represents the final Boston concert with Roger Waters in the band.  This is a superb sounding stereo audience recording made by the same one who made the second tape source of the 1975 show at the same venue. 

Previous releases of this show include The Perfect Day on Ayanami, but this comes from the complete and unprocessed master that has recently been circulating.  It is better sounding and longer than any other and is the definitive version of a spectacular show that is definitely worth having.  This is Pink Floyd after touring for several months, so they are extremely tight, but before their frustrations began to surface in the New York concerts the following week.  Waters shouts out “48” during “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” and comments at the end “The perfect end to a perfect day”. 

The Cannonball label released this with Welcome To The Machine, the band’s May 9th show from the same tour at the same time.  These two titles are part of their catalogue covering releases by The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin as well.  The label utilizes the slimline jewel case as is common and include several interesting pictures like the Gilmour shot on the front and an outtake from the Animals photo shoot in the inside.  In general this is an excellent release worth having that can be found very reasonably.

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  1. I have a spare copy of this one. If you’re interested, contact me privately at “atalamini AT hotmail DOT com”.

  2. This is my fave of 77.

  3. I finally managed to listen to this show. The sound is remakably clear and the performance outstandig. You can go wrong with this one. It’s a MUST. I just wanted to learn how it compares to the Sigma release (Definitive Boredom and Pain).

  4. This is a great sounding release and performance only marred by the cut during Shine On parts 6-9, unfortunately this is a trend that rears it’s ugly head in quite a few 1977 releases. If Roger says it was good it was good. Really great performance. sc

  5. Love this stuff! I learn so much from these discussions. Thanks guys! This is really really interesting. I actually didn’t know there were TWO great recordings from this show. I honestly thought the recording used on this release was the Lampinski tape …

  6. GSPARACO, by the Sigma realease, you mean BOREDOM AND PAIN? If so, which one sounds better or, If I were supposed to pick only one, which one should I choose?

  7. The June 27th, 1977 Pink Floyd show has two great recordings. Cannonball use the great Hopkins tape, which can also be found on Heartbreaker and Sirene, and there is the Lampinski tape which Sigma released.

  8. How many Boston ’77 recordings are there?

  9. I can only agree with the above review. This release doesn’t contain anything really new (evene though I never heard it before), but is really up there with the best tapes of this tour – maybe it is THE best tape.

    I received this with the other Cannonball release of the Oakland recording. That one I had for many years on the (for the time) very nice Discurious edition “Plays the Animals”. Though that is a remarkable show with a fantastic setlist, after listening to the Boston show I feel this show is my personal favourite. The sound is remarkably clear. Right now I am listening to the intro to Shine on, and I honestly never thought I’d hear the synth intro as clear as this. It is almost the quality of an official recording. The audience is well behaved (for the -77 tour) and the mix music/audience is just as I like it to be.
    In the end, I don’t need to make the choice between either of the Boston or the Oakland shows as I have both sets. Call me crazy, but I may however have opted for the Boston show …

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