Pink Floyd – Raving Maniacs (Sigma 12)

Raving Maniacs (Sigma 12)

Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ – June 15th, 1975

Disc 1 (57:50):  Intro., Raving And Drooling, You Gotta Be Crazy, Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 1-5, Have A Cigar, Shine On You Crazy Diamond Part 6-9

Disc 2 (57:57):  Speak To Me, Breathe, On The Run, Time, Breathe (reprise), The Great Gig In The Sky, Money, Us And Them, Any Colour You Like, Brain Damage, Eclipse

Disc 3 (24:07):  Echoes

Pink Floyd played fifteen show on their second tour of the US in 1975.  The spring tour concentrated on dates on the west coast, the summer began in Atlanta and traveled up the east coast.  After two shows at the Spectrum in Philadelphia they traveled eighty miles for their first of three shows in the New York metropolitan area at Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City.  There are two extant tape sources for this concert.  The first is very good but has only “You Gotta Be Crazy,” “Us & Them,” “Any Colour You Like,” “Brain Damage,” “Eclipse,” and “Echoes.” 

The second is also very good and complete.  It is clear  but it sounds as if the taper pointed the microphone towards one of the speakers.  It comes off as a bit thin and lacking in dynamics.  This tape was previously utilized on Jersey Not Mother (Shout To The Top STTP 132/133).  Sigma use the same tape source but this is longer. 

As correspondent WGPSEC writes:  “Sigma seems to have more life to it and sounds better and is definitely a longer version of the same source. Sigma is closer to proper speed while STTP runs a little faster.   Jersey Not Mother is missing the entire intro. Both have a very small edit (barely noticeable) before ‘Shine On 1-5’ but Sigma has more time. 

Jersey Not Mother also has a weird edit at the start of ‘Shine On 6-9’ not on Sigma. STTP misses a few seconds in the transition from disc 1 to disc 2 between ‘On The Run’ and ‘Time.’   STTP has an edit between ‘Money’ and ‘Us & Them’ missing a few seconds. Another bad edit between ‘Us and Them’ and ‘Any Colour’ and the worst one being the edit between ‘Any Colour’ and ‘Brain Damage’ where the speed gets even faster. None of these edits seems to be on Sigma.”

Pink Floyd shows were tightly choreographed and after 1972 had almost no variations or changes in the nightly set list.  The visuals in the arena took center stage in the performance and the audience reacts to what they see rather than what they hear.  This is especially true for the vocal audience in Jersey City.  Variations within the solos can oftentimes be detected with some nights Gilmour leading the band and others Wright on keyboards.  

Roosevelt Stadium is a night when the band mesh very well.  The audience seem to really like the hour of new material particularly “Shine On” with its nightly dedication to Syd Barrett.  But there are louder ovations at the sound of the heartbeat for the second half of the show probably because this is what half of them came to see. 

The suite comes off without a hitch with “Money” and the jam session on “Any Colour You Like” being particular standouts.  This is a good show, but not as good as the following at the Nassau Coliseum and in Boston.  

Raving Maniacs is packaged in a fatboy jewel case and whereas STTP place “Speak To Me,” “Breathe,” and “On The Run” on disc one to fit the whole show on two discs, Sigma preserve the flow of the concert by assigning the first set on disc one, the second half on disc two, and the twenty-four minute encore “Echoes” on a third disc.  It is limited to two hundred copies and is the superior version of this show.      

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  1. I concur that this is indeed the best version available for this show; it’s definitely clearer, more complete, and runs at the correct speed BUT it’s still nowhere near the quality of the infamous LA shows from April ’75 or the Nassau Coliseum and Boston Garden shows just after this one. I personally even prefer the Hamilton 6/28/75 over this one, but again this IS the best version available of the 6/15/75 show, and Sigma has done a fine job as usual with the mastering/packaging as we’ve all come to expect. I just wish they’d revisit more of the other older out-of-print Ayanami titles as they did with some of the previous Sigma releases, and also tap into the some 300+ shows that have yet to see a silver release period. But, despite that, I’m extremely pleased with Sigma’s efforts so far and hope to see a good run surpassing even the Sirene discography in scope!


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