Queen – Four Phases Live In The 70’s (Master Stroke FFMS – DVD002/3/5/7)

queen-four-phasesFour Phases Live In The 70’s (Master Stroke FFMS – DVD002/3/5/7)

Master Stroke Presents DVD Collector’s Limited Edition

Master Stroke, a dedicated Queen label, made a name for themselves the past couple years by releasing some excellent comprehensive hybrid CD/DVD sets as well as an impressive six volume Rare Cuts series. The four comprehensive hybrid sets that were released included several of Queen’s most important live films from the 70’s featuring the Rainbow, London (Nov 19/20, 1974), Hammersmith Odeon, London (12/24/1975), Earl’s Court, London (June 6/7, 1977), and Hammersmith Odeon, London (12/26/1979).

Four Phases: Live In The 70’s compiles the four DVDs originally released as part of the above mentioned titles in one convenient package. Housed in a fatboy quad jewel case, the front cover features an early 70’s live shot of the band with the four original covers spread across the front and includes the full track listing for each DVD on the back cover. This is an excellent way to pick up these pro-shot documents as the video quality is excellent on all the discs and is probably the best these will get barring official releases, of course. Not only does Master Stroke feature four of the most essential Queen documents from the 1970’s but adds bonus material to each of the sets. For the track lists and detailed reviews of the individual DVDs click on the links below to Gerard’s original articles for each corresponding set.

DVD 1: Queen At The Rainbow 1974 (FFMS-002B) Originally released as part of Master Stroke’s Complete Live At The Rainbow. In addition to “Live At The Rainbow 1974” it contains an extra section “Alternate Live At The Rainbow 1974 Video” and a “Slideshow” that uses an alternate soundboard recording.

DVD 2: Invite You To A Christmas Night 1975 (FFMS-003B) Originally released as part of Master Stroke’s Invite You To A Christmas Night this features “Live At The Hammersmith Odeon 1975 Complete Concert Edition” as well as the “BBC 2009 Broadcast Edition”.

DVD 3: Carnival At The Court 1977 (FFMS-005C) Originally released as part of Master Stroke’s Carnival At The Court it features “Live At The Earl’s Court, London 1977” including a few bonus videos.

DVD 4: Play The Silent Night 1979 (FFMS-007C) Originally released as part of Master Stroke’s Play The Silent Night, this comes from the “Concert For The People Of Kampuchea: Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London 1979”. As a bonus it contains “Freddie Mercury At The Royal Ballet”.

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