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More information on the Scorpio Rolling Stones boxset

Rolling Stones – The Genuine Black Box 1961 – 1974   contains 6CD + paper slip case + 3 X 16 page booklet + 3 X cards include limited edition number of only a 1000.  Below 

1.On Your Way To School
2.Johnny B.Goode
3.Little Queenie
4.Beautiful Delilah
5.You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover
6.Bright Lights,Big City
7.Diddley Daddy
8.Honey,What’s Wrong?
10.I Want To Be Loved
11.Fortune Teller (take 1)
12.Poison Ivy
13.Fortune Teller (take 2)
+ 20 songs

1.High Heeled Sneakers
2.Stewed &Keefed
3.Look What You’ve Done
4.Tell Me Baby,How Many Times?
5.Meet Me In The Bottom
8.Time Is On My Side
9.Try A Little Harder
10.Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind
+ 20 songs

1.19th Nervous Breakdown
2.Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby,Standing in the Shadow?
3.Get Yourself Together I
4.Have You Seen Your Mother,Baby II
5.If You Let Me
6.Yesterday’s Papers
7.Sometimes Happy, Sometimes Blue
8.Get Yourself Together II
9.We Love You
10.Cosmic Christmas
11.2000 Light Years From Home
12.Gold Painted Nails
13.Did Everybody Pay Their Dues?
14.Child Of The Moon I
+ 10 songs

1.Child Of The Moon II
2.Prodigal Son
3.Family II
4.Still A Fool
5.Give Me A Hamburger To Go (Stuck Out All Alone)
6.Memo From Turner II
7.And I Was A Country Boy
8.Sister Morphine I
9.You Got The Silver
10.Gimme Shelter
+ 9 songs

1.Got A Line On You
2.Hillside Blues aka I Don ユt Know The Reason Why
3.Wild Horses
4.Cocksucker Blues
5.Dead Flowers
6.Dancing In The Light
7.Shake Your Hips
8.Leather Jacket
9.Stop Breaking Down
10.Shine a Light
+ 8 songs

1.Let It Rock
2.I AIn’t Lying
3.Potted Shrimps
4.Aladdin Story
5.Loving Cup II
6.All Down The Line II
7.I Don’t Care
8.Exile On Main Street Blues
10.Criss-Cross Man
+ 10songs

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  1. This is a genuine Scorpio release…not done by someone else using there name. I agree that there is not much new stuff but now we have the most important stuff together in one set.

  2. @LedMan, yes there’s some nuggets – like the complete “Johnny B Goode”, and some commets before “Suzie Q” starts…just some examples. All in all it’s a terrific compilation.
    What other impressions are you thinking about ? If you’re thinking about the box-front-artwork….it looks they’re stuck against my window – just like the local butterflies

  3. erikbt, any other impressions about this release?

  4. Yes it’s an “early review”, gsparaco, as I’m in my summer house, and don’t have my entire CD collection with me, to compare. Only some of them. I still wanted to post my impressions of this release, since the expectations seems to be real high on message boards and stuff. If I’m incorrect about one or two songs being upgrades – I won’t be astonished. Then again; I think there won’t be.

  5. Thanks for the early review Erik. I appreciate that. Whether it is the real Scorpio or isn’t shouldn’t be too much of an issue. I’ve been told it is the real Scorpio guy. But regardless, there may or may not be full review of this title. I’ve not decided yet.

  6. “Scorpio” didn’t even use the best sources, nor printed the correct info. For instance “Loving Cup” is NOT an early studio version, but the Montreux PROMO version (now available officially), and “Let It Rock” is taken from vinyl with crackles (while we have it officially released on CD by now).
    I haven’t “compared” track by track, but to these ears there’s nothing new here.
    Meanwhile – it’s a great selection of songs – and a very neat package. Something Rolling Stones should have released, instead of that overpriced “Exile Deluxe” (which is a downgrade compared to the original LP release)
    So – I recommend this Scorpio release to people who don’t have this material before – but untill I have listened more to it (not through with the 6 discs yet) there are no upgrades nor sensations.
    Some songs are even missing the first second (for instance “I Don’t Know Why”) which is really irritating, and so uneccessary, since it’s available without the FADE IN elsewhere. Obviously this “Scorpio” label is not the same people as the “real Scorpio” – but some other Rolling Stones fans with a CD presser.

  7. My usual suspect in the East just updated with the tracklist info. I don’t see even one previously undiscovered/unreleased track. Of course if you haven’t already gotten ahold of this material in the past, then this is a nice package filled with numerous officially unreleased songs. The version of Suzie Q sounds exactly like the released version with a tiny bit of studio chatter(?) at the beginning.

  8. Hopefully there will be a review here. Not sure though.

  9. Well – the artwork looks wonderful – just placed on order for this box. Hope to see a review of it here at CMR as well

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