Rolling Stones – 02 Arena 2007 / 2nd Night (SODD 048/49)

02 Arena 2007 / 2nd Night (SODD 048/49)

Grand Finale Of Bigger Bang Tour 2007 !!

Live At The 02, London, Great Britain – August 23, 2007

Excellent Audience Recording !

DISC 1 / 01. Opening / 02. Start Me Up / 03. Let’s Spend The Night Together / 04. Rough Justice / 05. All Down The Line / 06. She’s So Cold / 07. Shine A Light / 08. Midnight Rambler / 09. I’ll Go Crazy / 10. Tumbling Dice / 11. Band Introductions / 12. You Got The Silver / 13. Wanna Hold You

DISC 2 / 01. Miss You / 02. It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll / 03. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction / 04. Honky Tonk Women / 05. Sympathy For The Devil / 06. Paint It Black / 07. Jumping Jack Flash / 08. Brown Sugar

This is the 2nd of three shows at the 02 Arena in London to kick off the finale of the Rolling Stones 2005 A Bigger Bang World Tour. This is another excellent audience recording from the SODD label. The track list was changed once again to mix things up. “Let’s Spend The Night Together” revealed more prominent guitar(s) at the 2:50 minute mark while the song otherwise fell flat. Jagger noted: “We had alot of fun the other night”. After “Rough Justice”, Jagger stated: “Half of my relatives are on the floor and half of Charlie’s are on the floor”. “All Down The Line” lacked the sweetness of the normal guitar lead(s) for the most part. The Stones dug their heels in for “She’s So Cold” which received a nice ovation. Jagger mentioned that: “There’s been alot of talk in the press about us not touring anymore. We will definitely continue till Sunday at least.” The keyboards were too pronounced in the mix for “Shine A Light” and played with basic simple chords structures as if trying but failing to copy Preston’s original keyboard track.

Mick’s signature harmonica warmed the crowd to “Midnight Rambler” and fired up the track as it ended with a ferocious jam at 11:53 minutes. Lisa took “I Go Crazy” to a higher level with her ever expansive upper register contribution. Jagger responded at the end with: “There’s only one thing I can say” leading right into “Tumbling Dice”. Ronnie received extended applause during “Band Introductions”. Charlie lead a 1 minute drum attack through Keith’s introduction as Keith offered: “Might as well get busted, huh.” Ronnie continued to impress with his masterful slide guitar lead on “You Got The Silver”. Keith verbalized: “It’s good to be back. I got around a bit. It’s good to be back” and finished his set with “Wanna Hold You”.

“It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll” finished with an off key guitar but was enjoyable overall. Jagger was the primary melody keeper with the bitter sounding “Satisfaction” with reinforcement from the back-up singers. “Honky Tonk Women” was slower + more deliberately paced. “Sympathy For The Devil” was standard fare with “Paint It Black” offering a pleasant effort. I would have expected that the Stones might kick it up a notch for this 2nd of three shows as this never-ending tour was finally winding down. Jagger is the consummate showman and made it a point of keeping in touch with his audience and offering his witty sense of humor. The set list was altered to provide a change of pace. This SODD recording is indeed an excellent audience that is a pleasant listen + comes recommended. [Rawlings]

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