Rolling Stones – Paris Match (Dog N Cat DAC-007)

Paris Match (Dog N Cat DAC-007)

L’Olympia, Paris, France – April 18th, 1965: Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, Around & Around, Off The Hook, Time Is On My Side, Carol, It’s All Over Now, Little Red Rooster, Route 66, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, The Last Time, I’m Alright, Craw Dad.L’Olympia, Paris, France – April 11th, 1967: Paint It Black, 19th Nervous Breakdown, Lady Jane, Get Off Of My Cloud, Yesterday’s Papers, Under My Thumb, Ruby Tuesday, Let’s Spend The Night Together, Goin’ Home, Satisfaction.
L’Olympia, Paris, France – March 29th, 1966 (2nd show): Satisfaction

The French radio Musicorama recordings and broadcasts are some of the best early Rolling Stones live material available. Their importance and collectability are proven by the sheer amount of releases and re-releases of these tapes. Vinyl Gang ALONE released this material no less than five times (Andrews Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss (VGP-101), and Reelin’ And Rockin’ (VGP-274)).

To list and analyze every release would be pointless here. Suffice it to say that the early releases of these tapes are judged to be fair at best. Later releases were an improvement with copies made from rebroadcasts on the radio. This new release on Dog N Cat Records Paris Match (and this is the second CD release with this name) attempts to offer the definitive version of these tapes.

The April 18th, 1965 has the Stones emphasizing cover tunes. Sound quality for this tape is excellent, balanced and complete. It is apparent the source is from radio because there is evident compression. Someone has suggested that some of the tunes were edited in from an inferior source, but it doesn’t sound it.

It’s very consistent in quality with the exception of some of the breaks betweens songs and the final track “Craw-Dad” which sounds inferior to the rest of the broadcast. The tape begins with a spoken intro in French and a fragment of the Solomon Burke classic “Everybody Needs Somebody” which segues into “Around & Around” and the band deliver a very fun and enthusiastic set. “All Over Now” has the crowd singing along and “Little Red Rooster” contains great slide guitar by Brian Jones.

In “I’m Alright” Mick has the audience in a frenzy! It interesting to hear the Stones in mid sixties radio friendly pop-blues form playing a lot of bouncy, happy, snappy tunes. The second radio broadcast on this release is almost two years to the day.

The April 11th, 1967 L’Olympia tape has seen a similar amount of releases as the 1965 tape. The title F***king And Sucking (HLR-RS 0013) is described as “pretty bad”. The majority of this show comes from an excellent rebroadcast on French radio and has wonderful dynamics.

Unfortunately the entire show wasn’t available. The old, poor to fair sounding source is used for the track “Lady Jane”. The excellent source picks up again with “Get Off Of My Cloud” and continues to “Goin’ Home” which is again from a poor sounding source. The excellent source picks up again right at the segue into “Satisfaction” and continues to the guitar solo where the older source picks up again to complete the show.

The very final track, “Satisfaction” from March 29th broadcast in 1966, is added on as filler. Its presence here is a mystery since the entire broadcast does exist and merits a separate release. DAC edited two tape sources together for a complete song. The first source is excellent and the second source poor sounding.

Overall I’m not sure what is accomplished with this release but am very pleased with it. I’m sure that most seasoned Stones collectors will already have all this material and more. The sound quality and presentation by DAC is very good.

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  1. Although the start of ‘Under My Thumb’ isn’t completely present, unfortunately, like it is similarly on Godfather’s “66 Route”, and much of the material on this “Paris Match” can already be found, prob. with less difficulty, on Godfather’s “66 Route”, this “Paris Match” is still quite an enjoyable recording that I personally found worth tracking down – a very nice find & acquisition that’s well-recommended.

  2. Paint It Black 2’52
    Under My Thumb 2’29
    Satisfaction 5’51 (1967)
    Satisfaction 6’13 (1966)

    And it is not out-of-print/sold out.

  3. To help me just a bit in deciding whether or not this out-of-print/sold-out release is worth pursuing, could anyone who has it please let me know the lengths (playing times in minutes:seconds) of “Paint It Black”, “Under My Thumb”, and both versions of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”? It’ll be greatly appreciated – thanks.


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