Rolling Stones – Stones Collectibles (SODD 102)

Stones Collectibles (SODD-102)

(78:04):  Highwire (From album Flashpoint, 1991), I’m Gonna Drive (from single Out Of Tears, 1994), So Young (from single Love Is Strong, 1994), Cook Cook Blues (from single Rock And A Hard Place, 1989), Key To Highway (Keith Richards, 1992), The Storm (from Single Love Is Strong, 1994), Jump On Top Of Me (From Single You Got Me Rocking, 1994), Mixed Emotions (Remix), Rock And A Hard Place (Michael Brauer Mix), Sex Drive (Dirt Hand Mix), Everybody Knows About My Good Thing (Mick Jagger, 1993), Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Dub Remix), The Rocky Road To Dublin (THE CHIEFTAINS with Rolling Stones, 1995), Dancing In The Street (Dub Version), Ruthless People (Mick Jagger, 1986), Saint Of Me (Todd Terry Extended Remix), Out Of Focus (12″ Highpass)

Stones Collectibles on SODD is a collection of non-album tracks from 1980 to 1994.  These are very rare track and the label promises this will have no overlap with the recent Rattle Snake release Lost Legal Live Tracks.  The source for all of the tracks originate from professional sources and is consistent throughout.  SODD arrange the songs in reverse chronological order, except for the first song. 

“Highwire” was one of the two new studio tracks included on the live album Flashpoint and was issued as a single on March 1st, 1991.  The CD is currently out of print but, like Stripped, will be remastered and released soon.  The second studio track “Sex Drive,” their unabashed tribute to James Brown, is included in the “Dirt Hand remix.”    

“I’m Gonna Drive” is the b-side to the “Out Of Tears” single and was released on November 1st, 1994.  It’s notable for having fantastic Ron Wood slide guitar.  “So Young” and “The Storm” are included on the “Love Is Strong” special collectors edition single released on July 5th, 1994.

“Love Is Strong (Terry Riley mix)” is one of the remixes from the CD single.  The minimalist composer Riley (who is the Riley in The Who’s “Baba O’Riley”) contributues a subtle disco remix of the single.

“Rocky Road To Dublin” is a performace by The Chieftans.  It’s a heavily stylized Irish aire, but the Stone contribute a short “Jumping Jack Flash” interlude as well as Celtic doodling in the song’s coda.   

The fourth non-album track from the Voodoo Lounge sessions is “Jump On Top Of Me” which was included as the b-side to “You Got Me Rocking” on September 26th, 1994.  “Key To The Highway” a bonus track on the Japan release of Keith Richards’ second solo album Main Offender released in 1992.  This track is also included on SODD’s Keith To The Highway

From the Steel Wheels era is included “Mixed Emotions (remix)” and “Rock And A Hard Place (Michael Bauer remix).”  These are popular dance remixes of the first two Steel Wheel singles which emphasize the instrumental arrangements and the strong rhythm of the pieces. 

Michael Brauer “Rock And A Hard Place” was released by Columbia in 1991 and reached #20 on the pop charts.  Fianlly “Cook Cook Blues” is the obscure b-side for the “Rock And A Hard Place” single released in November 1989 and is a basic slice of the orthodox Chicago blues the Stones do so well.

There are two Mick Jagger solo tracks in the latter half.  “Everybody Knows About My Good Thing” is the b-side of the single “Don’t Tear Me Up” released in April 1993.  “Ruthless People” is another Jagger single from the Ruthless People soundtrack in 1986.  The song was written by Jagger, Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics and Daryl Hall.   The synthesized saxophones in the mix drench the tune in mid-eighties pastels.   

And “Dancing In The Street” is a remix of the Jagger and David Bowie recording in 1985 used for Live Aid.  Overall this does serve as a good compendium to the Rattlesnake although including several solo tracks is a bit odd.  Although there are other Stones rarities which could have been included, this disc does have many interesting tracks worth having.  SODD utilize artwork inspired by the live album Flashpoint and with a picture disc featuring a close up noir of Richards.   

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