Rolling Stones – Twin Cities 1981 (Dog N Cat DAC-031)

Twin Cities 1981 (Dog N Cat DAC-031)

Civic Center, St. Paul, MN – November 21st, 1981

Disc 1:  Take The A Train, Under My Thumb, When The Whip Comes Down, Let’s Spend The Night Together, Shattered, Neighbours, Black Limousine, Just My Imagination, Twenty Flight Rock, Going To A Go Go, Let Me Go, Time Is On My Side, Beast Of Burden, Waiting On A Friend, Let It Bleed

Disc 2:  You Can’t Always Get What You Want, band introductions, Little T & A, Tumbling Dice, She’s So Cold, Hang Fire, Miss You, Honky Tonk Women, Brown Sugar, Start Me Up, Jumping Jack Flash, Satisfaction

Amidst the complaining about Dog N Cat’s obsessiveness with releasing all of the Tattoo You boards it might be easy to overlook some of the gems and high points of their project.  The most common complaint is the repetitive set lists tend to make these tapes all blur together and doing give any distinctiveness to these shows. 

This always baffles me since we collect these shows knowing that already.  Why should that be such shock?  Another comment that has some merit is that most of these shows have been released before on audience sources.  Some are better than others but there is a lot of overlap between sources and duplication of well-known shows.

Twin Cities 1981 is a debut for the St. Paul show. Although there is an extant audience source it has never been issued on a commercial bootleg.  Like many of the others, this is a mix of the excellent soundboard and the very good sounding incomplete audience tape.  The soundboard is very clear and powerful with trace amounts of hiss in the quieter sections and is well balanced for the most part. 

There is evidence of slight deterioration beginning in “Let It Bleed” to the cut in “Miss You”. The soundboard source is used from the beginning and cut out at fifty-eight seconds into “Time Is On My Side”.  The very good and echoey audience source is used to complete the track for about three minutes.  The soundboard source continues again during Mick’s intro to “Beast Of Burden”.  It cuts out again at 3:26 in “Miss You” and picks up in the middle of “Honky Tonk Women” and continues to the end of the show.  The audience source doesn’t cover the latter half of the show so there is no edit here and the total time for the audience source doesn’t amount to three minutes.

This is one of the more enjoyable tapes of the lot and a great concert to boot.  The band are very business like and play their set at a furious pace.  Rarely to they stop to catch their breath.  “We just flew in from Chicago and I’m feeling shadoobee, shadoobee, shadoobee” before “Shattered” and tells the audience “it’s cold outside but hot in here” before “She’s So Cold”.  Keith plays a very biting slide in “Let It Bleed”. 

It’s a wonder to hear it leap from the speakers.  Saxophonist Ernie Watts adds his great solos as in other shows form this part of the tour.  I predict in a couple of years we will look back on this project with awe and thanksgiving that DAC have produced such incredible editions of these tapes.  Twin Cities 1981 really stands out for the performance and the quality of the tape and is well worth seeking out.

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  1. My first Stones concert and a great souvenir from a band that still mattered in 1981.


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