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The Rolling Stones ‘Fully Finished Studio Outtakes’ set

From what’s being termed as a ‘Japanese Fan Club CD’, a new 3 CD set is being touted. Judging by the track list – A few that MAY already have been released, there are many that already haven’t and are making their premier on silver disk. With scant reflection from the tracklist below, we’ll have to wait and see what’s on here but this could be as thrilling as ‘Foxes In The Boxes’ or ‘Static In The Attic’ for new and polished sounding Stones outtakes.

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  1. Careful Axeman Eugene

    Thanks for your review, where unfortunately I couldn’t get logged in to post this message, but I’ve heard from a source in Minnesota (USA) that there will be more volumes of these released. Anybody know how many more, when they will be (eventually) released, and any other helpful info.? Thanks to anybody who could kindly let us know.

    I got the Mayflower version (MF-164/165/166), and although I’m quite pleased with it, I’m not so ecstatic about it as to be able to understand why it has been such a tremendously popular seller in so many places worldwide these last few weeks.

    • Complete ,never heard before songs by The Rolling Stones in excellent quality. I’m not surprised by this sets popularity . The original release is beautiful as well. Three pressed CDs presented as a mini LP with a great gatefold and four postcards included inside the jacket.

      • It has been sent by the gods to cheer us all up, I’m sure. Close to getting a brand new album (next year?) this drop is contender for best Stones album this year.

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