The Rolling Stones – Goin’ Back To The Roots. American Tour – July 1972 (No Label)

The Rolling Stones, “Goin’ Back To The Roots. American Tour – July 1972 (No Label)

Brown Sugar / Rocks Off / Gimmie Shelter / Happy / Tumbling Dice / Sweet Virginia / You Can’t Always Get What You Want / band introductions / Bye Bye Johnny / Rip This Joint / Jumping Jack Flash / Street Fighting Man (46:17)

The Scope, Norfolk, Virginia, USA. 5th July, 1972.

In times of drought, the desk top bootlegger can always be counted upon to create something new from something old for our collections and, just as they did with “We Didn’t Get It On Until Detroit“, in February 2020, on a search for a lossless copy of the DAC set, “Goin’ Back To The Roots” on the IORR forum, threw up the fact that the label seemed to have used a ‘lossy’ copy of the tape for their presentation, thus the search was out for a standardised copy of the disk (Which apparently doesn’t exist) and the doors were thrown open to some of the recordings that already existed that had accumulated on various trackers. 

Shortly after the list was revealed, the No Label label announced this disk, a RIP from the old Rubber Dubber LP, ‘Goin’ Back To The Roots. American Tour 1972’. LiveAtHydepark offered the following info; 

‘The old LP “Goin’ Back to the Roots” released in 1973. I still don’t know if it is a genuine “Rubber Dubber” release or a “Contraband” release copying Rubber Dubber style. Stamped covers exists in both styles, Rubber Dubber & Contraband. The recording quality is rather good for 1972.
Different matrixes exists, but all are from the same plates. (exept American tour in LA, which is a copy)

(scratched) 08A1 // VANCE (scratched) 3508B1 KYOTO
(scratched) 08A1 BADAV // (scratched) 08B1 KYOTO CATCH ME IF YOU CAN
BADAV (scratched) 08A1 // (scratched) 3508B1 KYOTO BADAV
RI 3508A1 // (scratched) 08B1 KYOTO (scratched) CAN 3208 B
902 A X / 902-B X (under the title “American Tour In L.A. 1972 – a copy)

This LP was copied on CD by an italian bootleg lable (probably during the 90’s). matrix : 57132XK1 GBTTR72001 – Unhappily massive EQ was used so the sound quality is inferior compared to the LP.

Source 2 – the complete show from tape. It comes from a different source, clearly inferior to the LP, but complete. It have been released on a lot of CD’s, including DAC-102.’

My previous source for this show was the second, complete recording, pressed on ‘Drive Me Crackers’ (BLACK N’ BLUE [RSBB-1001]) as I don’t own the D’n’C version – The second source is rather correctly described as ‘clearly inferior’, bordering on ‘unfortunately unlistenable to the lay man’, this source, though it has been lifted from vinyl hides it well – There are some well played crackles in the mix, though this could, through headphones, often be mistaken for overload from the stage, it’s a nice mixture of music to audience though and neither over compensates for the other.  However there are also gaps between tracks as the taper didn’t catch every track and tried to avoid wasting their tape on between song banter, thus “Bitch”, “Love In Vain”, “All Down The Line” and “Midnight Rambler” are all missing and theses a small matter of tape wobble as the machine itself catches up after having play and record pressed again. 
The label have done a fantastic job with this release, the cover is a copy of the original ‘Rubber Dubber’ LP with it’s bright white block print lettering over a grainy photo of a leery Mick Jagger, on the reverse, a replication of the original stampers in red and blue. The back cover is concert photo with a lot more clarity, it just omits Bill from that era’s line-up. Initial copies also feature a numbered edition sticker with a version of that duo-coloured stamp on too. 
Not an essential recording to have despite it’s sound but a good upgrade to the lossy VGP and the lousy ‘Drive Me Crackers’. Recommended for the larger collection. 

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