The Rolling Stones – Stuttgart 1970 (No Label)

RS S70-F

The Rolling Stones, ‘Stuttgart 1970’ (No Label)

Intro. /Jumping Jack Flash / Roll Over Beethoven /Sympathy For The Devil / Stray Cat Blues / Love In Vain / Dead Flowers / Midnight Rambler / Live With Me / Let It Rock / Little Queenie / Brown Sugar / Honky Tonk Women / Street Fighting Man. (62:26)

Killesberg, Stuttgart, Germany 20th September 1970 (1st Gen)

The announcement of a first generation tape of the Stones 1970 show in Stuttgart, Germany was a surprise for me – I searched around the internet quickly for a little more info – Nothing new had turned up from any torrents as far as I could see, no news was being churned out at IORR, DBBoots listed two releases – ‘Stuttgart 1970’ (VGP-187) and as part of the ‘Germany 1970’ 2 CD set from Dog N Cat (DAC-070), the latter was reviewed by GSparco and was very kindly gifted the mantle of having, ‘limited appeal’, noted as being fair to poor and, despite the atmosphere shrouding, ‘Midnight Rambler’ left our friend wishing that there was a better recording of the show to be had.

Unfortunately, this one isn’t it. Despite it’s obvious ‘1st Generation’ touting, that’s about all the recording has going for it – that and the No Label gangs usual impressive cover. That’s not to say it’s an over cooked flop, it’s not horrible in the way that some recordings from 1969 have been (Essentially ‘Metal Machine Music’ without the charm) but there is no buzz about it, a very flat atmosphere and despite a classic set list, you’ll find it difficult to get moved.

Again, this is one for the headstrong or cash rich. Not a pick up for the casual consumer.

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  1. You are right; Its unfortunate that there are so few good quality tapes from 1969-71. The evidence (thru the audio murk) of extant tapes from 1970 indicates that the Stones were producing fabulous performances with a faultlessly chosen setlist.
    The only hope is that eitherThe French radio show master tape turns up, or that the Stones had soundboard recordings made along the tour.
    Its a shame that the Stones are never asked more about what exists in their archives, and that more live material from this time- if it exists wasn’t utilised in their Exhibition here in London.

  2. The last” audie” I was truly impressed by from this era was the “new” tape of the second Oakland show in 1969. i have the version released by Godfather. Its ironic that it’s the same show that’s been so famous for all these years , but it is really good. It would be nice to have a definitive 1970 tape .


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