The Rolling Stones – Zipping Through The Days (Golden Eggs EGG 44)

The Rolling Stones, ‘Zipping Through The Days’ (Golden Eggs EGG 44)

Brown Sugar / Bitch / Rocks Off / Gimme Shelter / Happy / Tumbling’ Dice / Love In Vain / Sweet Virginia / You Can’t Always Get What You Want / All Down The Line / Midnight Rambler / Bye Bye Johnny / Rip This Joint / Jumping’ Jack Flash / Street Fighting Man

This release from the Golden Eggs label, apparently featuring the June 27th, 1972 in Mobile, AL was released in early October 2018, a couple of weeks later, it was up loaded to the internet (Torrents begat silvers begat torrents, etc ..) – That’s when the discussions started. Was this still Mobile as suggested or was it, as someone on IORR pointed out, the show from the 15th of July, 1972 instead?

The argument had many turns (The considerations were made through the spoken portions of the tapes) Not an easy task as Mr. Freeze’s ‘Toronto’ tapes feature a few subtle cuts ensuring a side by side comparison can be very tricky indeed and the show, without any specific circumstances yesterday, today, tomorrow going on, just places us in the context of ‘The American Tour ‘72’. One of the best markers seems to be a possible fault with Jagger’s microphone at the beginning of ‘SFM’ as he comes in a lot later than he usually would.

DBBoots announced that the tape was most likely a copy of VGP’s ‘Standing at the Kitchen Door’ from Toronto but did quantify that estimation as a guess – Anyone else care to chip in?

In short, how does it sound? Well, it sounds alright but this is a collectors cassette, it’s certainly not for everyone – A few moments of audience noise at the beginning of the tape (Not that they ever fade away) lead in to the opener, ‘Brown Sugar’. The ambience is odd – Almost as if you’ve got a recording of a live playback in a theatre and are recording it from an audience there. The band are distant – Like a quarter of a mile distant and playing through an overloaded sound system. It really opens up between songs too like the taper has finally decided to lift his arm to capture the music but it’s quickly pushed down again by a friend, lest they get caught.

The band are on fire however and throw in a fantastic show – The cast for classic Stones was set within this era, most certainly. The set list however doesn’t rely all on past glories and covers a lot of bases, including a little Chuck Berry in the mix. The sound is, to be polite, brittle – Crunchy like the mic has overloaded, Mick’s vocals frequently get overloaded and the (Mono) recording is frequently left channel dependent. Certainly not a CD that you’d pull out frequently or drop in to impress a newbie collector but it isn’t without charm and I wouldn’t dissuade you from a purchase all together (You KNOW you’ve heard worse.)

The jury’s still out on the date of the show then. The Eggs label are confident enough to imply that they have it correct, it’s a great show. It’s rarity in the hands of collectors (It has been on around 4 long OOP CDs and all appear to be from the same source) and because it’s from that tour means that you should consider this piece but only after a bad days digging.

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  1. From what I understand it is an upgrade to the Toronto show and not mobile.


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