Jeff Beck – Here And Go (Tarantura TCDJB -11- 1,2)

Here And Go (Tarantura TCDJB -11- 1,2) 

1st Day Of Rocupation ‘80 

Budokan Dai Hall, Tokyo, Japan – December 4, 1980 – 6:30PM 

Disc 1: (47:17) Intro, Star Cycle, El Becko, Too Much To Lose, The Pump, Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers, Space Boogie, Led Boots, Freeway Jam 

Disc 2: (50:09) MC, Diamond Dust, Scatterbrain, Drum Solo, Scatterbrain, Blue Wind, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, You Never Know, Going Down, SE/Announcement 

Here And Go from Tarantura features a new recording from the Mr. Peach archives and is the latest source to surface from the opening night of Beck’s 1980 tour of Japan. The show was first pressed by Masterport on First Budokan 1980 and in 2009 a no label 6CD set Budokan 1980 Complete featured a new uncirculated source on discs one and two.   

In September 2010, a no label 8CD box set titled, Cyclone included another uncirculated tape source for December 4th. While Cyclone was considered a substantial upgrade from the previous, being a very good and clear audience recording, the Mr. Peach tape sounds closer, much more dynamic and overall has a much punchier sound to it being the best sounding version of this show to surface, thus far.

It’s hard to imagine that a better sounding source could surface after this as the three dimensional characteristics of the recording make for a nearly perfect listening experience. Mr. Peach captured the entire event including all time between encores and is the longest version of the show available. 

1980 is arguably one of the best eras in Jeff Beck’s career. Joined by Tony Hymas on keys, Mo Foster on bass, and Simon Philips on drums, the band delivers a tight driving performance with jaw dropping moments throughout. With such a solid band behind him, Jeff takes his artistic expression to a new level. He literally weaves in and out of the song structures with little restraint.  

While he spends a great deal of time burning things up, some of his best moments come in tracks like “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers” and “Diamond Dust”, two of the most beautiful pieces he ever recorded. “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” during this tour is only a 1:30 fragment used as an introduction to “You Never Know”. With the exception of the final encore, the entire set is culled from Blow By Blow, Wired, and his most recent LP, There And Back. “Going Down” features the only vocal of the set and is Beck’s sole nod to his past.  

Here And Go is packaged in a glossy gate-fold sleeve which houses two beautiful picture discs. There are two inner photos of Beck including a picture of the ticket stub and master cassettes. This is easily the best version of this show and is recommended even if you already own the Cyclone box set. Overall, Beck is Beck, “Simply Amazing!”

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