Page & Plant – The Complete Later…with Jools Holland 59th Night (Tarantura TDVDPP-2-1,2)

The Complete Later…with Jools Holland 59th Night (Tarantura TDVDPP-2-1,2)  

Original Air Date 08 May 1998  

Total DVD 1 Time: 56 minutes Total DVD 2 Time: 1 hour 50 minutes  

Page & Plant Rehersal DVD 1: Setting, The Wanton Song, Setting, The Wanton Song, Setting, Shining In The Light, Setting, Shining In The Light, Setting, Burning Up, Setting, Burning Up  

Later With Jools Holland 59th Night DVD 2: Opening/Rehearsal, Opening, Page & Plant / The Wanton Song, Page & Plant / The Wanton Song, Natalie Imbruglia / Pigeond And Crumbs, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds / Do You Love Me?, Page & Plant / Interview, Gomez / 78 Stone Wobbie, Setting, Terry Callier / Keep Your Heart Right, Terry Callier with Beth Orton / Dolphins, Setting, Natalie Imbruglia / Interview, Gomez, Natalie Imbuglia, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds / Nobody Is Baby Now, Page & Plant / Shining In The Light, Page & Plant / Burning Up, Page & Plant / Shining In The Light, Natalie Imbruglia / Pigeon And Crumbs  

Jools Holland,a native of London, was a member of the band Squeeze and big band leader who has a late show night that features a variety of musicians and a small studio audience. That is the origin of this 2 DVD set covering Jimmy Page and Robert Plants appearance on the show supporting their new release, Walking into Clarksdale. The first disc covers the band rehearsing the songs they will play, the sound and picture are excellent with plenty of close ups of the band, there are multiple camera angles and the camera men good use of the time.The band, consisting of Charlie Jones on Bass, Michael Lee (RIP) on drums, and Phil Andrews on the keyboards, is in great shape as they plow through strong renditions of The Wanton Song, Shining in the Light, and Burning Up.

The segments referred to as Setting is nothing more than people associated with the show setting up things and the occasional vocal warm ups by Mr Plant. The second disc is the recording of the show starting with the pre show speech from Jools and a short jam with all the musicians on the shows. P & P get the first song of the night playing Wanton Song for only a minute before stopping followed by sound adjustments before a full version of the track. Natalie Imbrulia and Nick Cave both play songs before we are treated to a short but cool interview with the stars of the show. The guys reminisce about their initial meeting, the blues influence behind the title of the new record, John Lee Hooker and their first meeting with the King Elvis Presley.

The other guests get their song and interview spots and finally we get back to P & P and Shining The Light. I will go record as liking the Clarksdale record, it went up against incredible scrutiny and a can’t please them all situation. Jools thanks the guests and gives it back to Page and Plant for Burning Up and another Shining The Light with a shot of the Zoso / Feather logo shot as the applause rings out. The disc ends with another song from Natalie Imbruglia before they wrap it and you get a few more minutes of footage of people wandering around the set ans the crew dismantles equipment.The cool thing about this release is it is the full show recording, not the aired version so you get times where you see camera men and various people moving and adjusting equipment and props.

The packaging is what you expect from Tarantura, full color glossy cover with a live shot of the band, not from the show, on the front with various pictures from the show on the inside. The first DVD has the Zoso / feather logo and the second has a photo montage of Page and Plant and other artists from the show, the menus are simple and easy to navigate. This is an interesting release but not for everybody,  P & P releases have been minimal in the past few years and this a nice document for the obsessive collector looking for obscure titles.

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