New Beatles / John and Yoko title on Idol Mind

A new release has been announced on the Idol Mind label from Japan.

Entitled “The Ballad Of John & Yoko” this 2 CD release purports to feature a new outtake of one half of the double A side, cut by John & Paul. The rest of disk one consists of a mixing session for John’s ‘White Album’ track “I’m So Tired”

The second disk would seem to be the infamous and much loved (sic) ‘Chaos’ tape that was included on the 1998 Vigotone release “From Kinfauns To Chaos”. Around 60 minutes of Yoko’s thoughts put to tape while the recording session for “Revolution 1” takes place in the background. This includes extra material that was missing from the Vigotone release, just for that masochistic side of your Beatle self.

Disk 1  – ( OFF REELS )
01. The Ballad Of John And Yoko
John Lennon – Vocal & Guitar
Paul McCartney – Drums
Studio Outtake April 14th 1969
02. I’m So Tired (Edit Piece)
03. I’m So Tired (mixing)
04. I’m So Tired (cut-out)
05. I’m So Tired (mixing)
06. I’m So Tired (cut-out)
07. I’m So Tired (mixing)
08. I’m So Tired (Edit Piece)
09. I’m So Tired (mixing)
10. I’m So Tired (cut-out)
11. I’m So Tired (mixing)
Mixing Works October 15th 1968

01. Limousine Ride (Chat by John & Yoko)
02. Revolution 1 (playback)
03. Revolution 1 (playback)
04. Studio Jam
05. Studio Jam
06. Revolution 1 (studio jam)
07. Studio Jam
08. Studio Jam
09. Revolution 1 (studio jam)
10. Studio Jam
11. Revolution 1 (overdub)
12. Revolution 1 (overdub)
13. Studio Jam
14. Studio Jam (w/ Yoko singing)
15. Studio Jam (w/ Yoko & John singing)
16. Revolution 1 (overdub)
17. Revolution 1 (overdub)
18. Revolution 1 (overdub)
19. Revolution 1 (overdub)
20. Revolution 1 (overdub)
21. Studio Jam
22. Revolution 1 (overdub)
23. Studio Jam
24. Studio Chat
25. Revolution 1 (overdub)
26. Studio Chat
27. Loop Playback
28. Revolution 1 (RM1)

Overdub & Mixing, June 4th 1968
Longer Version with Limo Ride

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  1. Unfortunately the ‘new outtake’ at the beginning of this disk has been revealed to be an outfake. A simple 5.1 extraction.
    The mixing reel for “I’m So Tired” though, I assume to be real as well as the extra Yoko chatter on disk 2.


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