New Rolling Stones ‘Brixton’ samples


Now the new Brixton shows are in hand, here’s a couple of new samples that we’ve uploaded to sound cloud for you to listen to (NB: I’ve uploaded these as MP3s converted from my computer – the real audio will sound much better on silver disk or it’s vinyl counterpart.)

This is an awesome show and it’ll now be the cornerstone of any discerning Stones collection. Reviews to follow .. 

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  1. The speculation is this is from a VHS tape source. Rumour also has it that the Video of this will be released eventually.

    As Stuart mentioned this is a fantastic show that every Stones fan should seek out.

  2. Is this from a radio broadcast? What’s the storry? VHS video? Sounds fantastic.

  3. I have a copy of this show on order, which my vendor told me will be available next week, but I was able to download a copy from the IORR website thanks to Mathijs for uploading this, and I agree with Stuart this is a must have show for any fan.

    I will leave the song by song descriptions to Stuart, Leedlungs and the others who review Stones titles, as they are much better at that then I am, but here are some initial impressions on sound quality I have from a listen today.

    This is a rumoured video soundtrack from a VHS source and if it is the video source is low gen as the sound quality is a excellent well mixed pro stereo recording. I did not detect any dullness or muting of the top end that you get from high gen recordings.

    It has a wide stereo soundstage with all the instruments well balanced with the guitars upfront, Keef in the left channel and Woody in the right, and slightly dominant in the recording but they do not overwhelm the other instruments and vocals. Definitely a recording for the guitar lovers in the crowd.

    If I was to nitpick I would say Charlie’s drums, especially his bass drum, get lost in the mix at times but it is hardly noticeable as Darryl’s bass fills in nicely giving the recording a satisfying bottom end.

    As mentioned above one oddity is the channels for the guitars are reversed as Keef is in the left channel and Woody in the right which took me a few listens to get used but too but the recording is so amazing you will forget that as you get lost in the music.

    There is a nice mix of audience in the recording which keeps it from being flat and dry like some SB recordings tend to be.

    The other thing I noticed is the recording is mastered hot so you don’t have to crank up the volume before it gets loud but there is no overloading or distortion as a result that I could hear.

    Combine this with a great performance, nicely varied setlist with some real rarities, and this is one release you will want to pick up before it sells out.

    Also as mentioned the speculation is this came from a VHS video source and rumour has it we may even see a release of the video of the show on DVD before too long. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


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