The Kinks – Chicago 1987 2nd Night (Wardour-115)

The Kinks - Chicago 1987 2nd NightChicago 1987 2nd Night (Wardour-115)

Live at the Rivera Theater, Chicago, Illinois, USA – March 8, 1987

CD1 (51:42) 1.  Introduction,  2. Opening SE, 3. Do It Again, 4. The Hard Way, 5. Low Budget, 6. Come Dancing, 7. Working At The Factory, 8. Lost And Found, 9. Welcome To Sleazy Town, 10. Think Visual, 11. The Video Shop, 12 Living On A Thin Line, 13. Guilty

CD2 (49:48) 1. Misfits, 2. Lola, 3. State Of Confusion, 4. A Gallon Of Gas, 5. All Day And All Of The Night, 6. I Gotta Move, 7. Celluloid Heroes, 8. 20th Century Man, 9. You Really Got Me, 10. Till The End Of The Day

Formed back in 1963 by the brothers Davies, Ray and Dave, The Kinks have to be one of the most underrated bands in Rock history. As one leaders of the famed early 60’s British Invasion, along with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, it could even be argued that their rich catalog of music can hold its own with that of those two aforementioned bands. 

This concert was the second night’s performance at the 2500 seat historic Chicago  Rivera Theater and was part of the tour in support of the release of the bands  22nd studio album “Think Visual’  in November 1986. It was broadcast live on the legendary Chicago Rock station WXRT-FM to celebrate their 15 year anniversary. The album was only a moderate success peaking at #81 on the Billboard charts.

In addition to the remaining original members, the Davies brothers, the band that tour was supplemented by former founding members of the band Argent, Jim Rodford (bass), Bob Henrit (drums), along with keyboardist Ian Gibbons.

Parts of this show (47 minutes) were released before in the early 90’s as the title “You Really Got Me” on the Italian label American Concert Series. As it was broadcast live at the time, and later on Westwood One, I am assuming there must be other releases of this show but this was all I could dig up so any other information from the member’s here is appreciated.

This 2CD  Wardour release  also came as a numbered  and stickered limited edition set with a bonus 2CDR set of a SB recording of the previous night’s Chicago show  “THE KINKS – CHICAGO 1987 1ST NIGHT(Bonus 2CDR) Live at Riviera Club, Chicago, IL. USA7th March 1987 STEREO SBD” as well as a 2CDR bonus set “THE KINKS – BORN TO ROAM(Special Bonus 2CDR) Live at Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI. USA8th April 1988 STEREO SBD and Live at Fox Theater, St. Louis, MO.USA14th April 1988 STEREO SBD”. I did not get the limited edition set with the bonus CDR’s so this review will be limited to the silver disc regular release.

This show is currently streaming on Wolfgang’s Vault which is most likely the source of this release and as a result we are treated to an excellent official release quality professional recording which is perfectly balanced with a wide soundstage and nice mid range warmth.

The performance is equal to the sound quality as the band is very tight this night and put on a very energetic performance with a well-mixed setlist spanning the band incredible career and including 5 songs from their underrated new album.

While I enjoyed the new songs the highlights  for me are the old hits including the show opener “Do It Again”, “ All Day and All of the Night”,  “You Really Got Me” and the bluesy “A Gallon of Gas”. But really there is not a bathroom break song in the whole set for me so I hope the constant teasing rumours of a possible reunion are true as I would love to see this band before they get too old to perform.

The Wardour release comes in a standard jewel case with glossy inserts with live photos of the band  from the era. This is an excellent release of the Kinks live with a well-balanced set list which would appeal to the hardcore as well as casual fans looking for a live Kinks concert and as such is highly recommended.

Here’s hoping Wardour or some other label take the time to release the previous night’s show on silver disc along with some of the other gems on WGV for this underappreciated band.

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