Yes – Arriving U.F.O. (Highland HL356/357)

Arriving U.F.O. (Highland HL356/357)

Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood, FL – June 30th, 1979

Disc 1 (72:23):  Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, Siberian Khatru, Heart Of The Sunrise, Future Times/Rejoice, Circus Of Heaven, Time And A Word, Long Distance Runaround, The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus), Perpetual Change, Soon, Clap 

Disc 2 (74:55):  Arriving UFO, “Alan” solo, And You And I, Starship Trooper, “Rick” Solo (excerpts from “Six Wives Of Henry VIII”), Awaken, Tour Song, I’ve Seen All Good People, Roundabout

Arriving U.F.O. on Highland documents the last show on the Ten True Summers tour in Hollywood, Florida, just outside of Miami.  The recording is loud and mostly clear but is marred by someone close to the taper making stupid comments, begging for the band to play “Sound Chaser” and who keeps mentioning Fripp for some reason.  He gets so annoying that someone behind him tells him to shut.  There are small cuts forty-eight seconds into “The Fish,” 2:35 in “Starship Trooper,” 4:12 in “Awaken,” and “I’ve Seen All Good People” fades out. 

This show is significant since it is the last Yessshow in the seventies and the last time the “classic” line up would play together until the 1996 Keys To Ascension shows.  After this show they would take a break for the rest of the summer before convening in Paris for the follow up.  There are disagreements about the next album’s direction and Jon and Rick would quit Yes in April, 1980.  

Miami is a very strong and loose end-of-the-tour show which seems more like a celebration for both band and audience.  “Siberian Khatru” and “Heart Of The Sunrise” are very fast and aggressive.  Jon greets the audience, saying, “It’s really great to be down here one more time down here in Florida. Miami. Hollywood” and sings a melody that is otherwise unknown and obscured by cheering and firecrackers.  Yes continue by playing “Future Times / Rejoice” and “Circus Of Heaven,” both from Tormato.  They still sound great live but this would be the final time both would ever be performed live.

Afterwards Anderson explains that “we now are going on our second ten years on the road. And this just happens to be the last show of this year.”  More fireworks explode in the building prompting Anderson to joke, “Oh that’s nothing.  That will be on our new album.”  The “big medley” is then introduced as “some songs that we’ve recorded over the years that you might remember. You might want to sing along.”  The medley formed the heart of the setlist for a year and is played for the last time.

By the final week they wanted to change the setlist and introduce “Arriving U.F.O.,” the last song from Tormato to be played live.  Anderson tells the audience they’ve “been practicing that all afternoon.”  Someone throws fireworks on the stage and he reacts, saying, “Just nearly the Fourth of July. Here’s a song pertaining to the mystics, the magic of ‘Arriving UFO.'”  Yes played the song ten times  starting at the June 18th show in Springfield, Massachusetts.  The guitar is much more raw live than the studio counterpart and it ends with an Alan White synthesized drum solo mean to replicate the spacecraft lifting off into space.

“And You And I,” which was dropped for the previous two performances in Baton Rouge and Lakeland, returns to the set.  “Starship Trooper” continues the space theme and Wakeman’s solo section contains motifs from “The Six Wives Of Henry VIII” and segues into “Awaken.”

After the last song Anderson thanks everybody in the roadcrew (almost all by name) before the band play the “tour song,” “I want to thank everybody for coming along this evening / Thank you so much. Taking the time to see us one more time.  Miami. Hollywood. Florida. USA. / Hollywood. Miami, Tampa. USA.  Just want to say thank you everybody for coming to see us one more time yeah. / You’ve got a lot of sunshine. Lot of sunshine. Truly. Yes you have…”  The two encores are “I’ve Seen All Good People” and “Roundabout.”  Arriving U.F.O. is a valuable pressed silver release that every Yes collector has to have in his collection.  Not only is it the final show of the seventies, it is the only pressed release with the obscure track from Tormato live.   

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