Yes – Close To The Edge (no label)


Close To The Edge (no label)

(37:55):  Close To The Edge (I. The Solid Time of Change II.  Total Mass Retain  III.  I Get Up I Get Down IV. Seasons of Man), And You And I (I.  Chord Of Life II. Eclipse III. The Preacher The Teacher IV. Apocalypse), Siberian Khatru

Progressive rock hit it’s first creative peak forty years ago in 1972.  Many classic works were recorded and released at that time.  Among them is Yes’ fifth album Close To The Edge.  As a sequel to Fragile in 1971, it made a stylistic jump with Yes shedding the more “rock” elements of their sound and focusing more classical sounds and arrangements.    

Close To The Edge (no label) is a one disc needle drop copy of the original UK LP pressing Close To The Edge (K 50012).  In the CD era, there have been three separate editions.  It was first transferred to CD in 1986, mastered by Barry Diament.  Opinions are mixed on.  Some say he is able to capture the magic of the original vinyl while others say his work is a bit too bass heavy.  

The second round came in the mid nineties when Joe Gastwirt remastered the entire Yes catalog along with the YesYears box set using the original analogue masters.  The final round came in 2004 when Rhino Records reissued the catalog from Yes through 90125 with remastered sound and bonus tracks.  Bonus tracks are always a nice addition.  But there were some complaints about the loudness and brightness of the tracks. 

The no label is a very nicely produced copy of the original UK vinyl.  It’s sourced from a virgin vinyl copy.  There are no pops or surface noise or any evidence of its source.  It isn’t as loud and bright at the Rhino. It comes close to capturing the warmth of the vinyl and is a nice alternative version to have.  

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